[Urgent Alert] NICARAGUA / Consolidation of Police State places Nicaraguan women human rights defenders in grave risk situation.

We of IM-Defensoras are extremely concerned about the repressive upsurge in Nicaragua, which has primarily been evident in the consolidation of a Police State: a rise in campaigns of harassment, detentions, house arrests, searches, and criminalization, using unconstitutional judicial measures against comrades who are activists and women human rights defenders. We are monitoring the situation of defender Violeta Granera, who was arbitrarily placed under house arrest yesterday. We are also concerned about the systematic campaigns of harassment against the defenders Ivania Álvarez, Tamara Dávila and Suyen Barahona, as well as the subpoenas issued to women defenders and journalists and the attacks against them, which we denounced last week in the context of the criminalization of Cristiana Chamorro and the Violeta Barrios de Chamorro Foundation (FVBCH).

In this situation we are especially concerned about the rise in the levels of vulnerability of women human rights defenders due to the dismantling of institutions and the State of Law, as well as the absence of mechanisms for the protection of human rights in Nicaragua.

We of IM- Defensoras demand respect for the exercise and protection of the human rights of women defenders, and we call on the international community to stay on the alert with regard to the extremely grave situation of human rights in the country and the danger that this represents for the lives and integrity of Nicaraguan women human rights defenders.  

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