FEMINIST HOLISTIC PROTECTION to Transform the Crisis in Times of COVID-19

Mesoamerican Women Human Rights Defenders know about “crisis”. We inherited centuries of colonization, inequality, dispossession, and violence on our bodies and territories. We have resisted violence and repression imposed by capitalism, patriarchy, and racism, and we have opened paths of rebelliousness, justice, and life with dignity for ourselves and our communities.

We also know about caring. We learned to care for and preserve life, although most times in situations of exploitation and without the deserved recognition. We learned from our peoples that no one survives without the daily protection of those who feed us, hold us, heal us. We work to also safeguard what sustains us – water, crops, forests. We know that all beings are vulnerable and we all need collective care in order to survive.

This article synthesizes the main strategies that IM-Defensoras has activated to face the current situation. We want to celebrate what we have done together and honor those who make it possible. Because each action contributes so that physical isolation is not equated with social distancing and political confinement; because knowing that we are together and the conviction of collective care gives us strength, creativity, and rebelliousness to continue.

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