[PRONOUNCEMENT] National Network of Women Human Rights Defenders in Honduras speaks on COVID-19 crisis

We of the National Network of Women Human Rights Defenders in Honduras express our views on the crisis generated by COVID-2019:

1. En moments like these, our activities are profoundly political, and for this reason we call for strengthening respectful solidarity and collective care spaces.

2. We respectfully bear in mind the dignity and needs of the most vulnerable among us: older adults, persons with respiratory problems, children, and persons obliged to live in the streets. May dignity be our tradition.

3. We call for sharing wisdom and making people’s ancestral, natural medicine available to the community.

4. We see that COVID-19 is being utilized to foster economic and political impacts that favor the ruling class and constitute a grave threat to the life and health of the people; thus, we call for the use of preventive measures and the activation of our solidarity care networks.

5. We denounce the abuse of power and the political media manipulation by the dictatorship to promulgate corrupt laws and expand militarization and authoritarianism in a context of constant human rights violations.

6. We, as women human rights defenders, are in an ongoing state of alert in the face of the structural violence implemented by pillaging public funds and violating the right of the people to health.

7. Let life prevail over the patriarchal, capitalist concept of individualism as we organize solidarity and respectful forms of care and protection.

8. It is legitimate to engage in solidarity practices as we foster the care and protection of our bodies without putting ourselves at risk; in this way we place value on life and contribute to the collective care of others.

9. We do not accept the patriarchal ideology in which masculine values such as boldness and taking risks predominate in an attempt on care and the network of life.

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