IACHR grants expanded precautionary measures to 17 women human rights defenders in Nicaragua

CEJIL, IM-Defensoras, December 31, 2019. Last December 31, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) decided to broaden the precautionary measures for seventeen women human rights defenders in Nicaragua in recognition of their risk situation, urging the Nicaraguan government to protect their lives and integrity and those of their families.

In its resolution, the Commission affirms that the rights to life and personal integrity of Sofía Montenegro, Violeta Delgado, María Teresa Blandón, Mirna Blandón, Luz Marina Torres, Martha Cecilia Meneses, Sandra Arceda, Yamilet Mejía, Ana Patricia Martínez, Marlene Ponce, Carla Padilla, Jennifer Altamirano, Ruth Díaz, Xiomara Ibarra, Marlen Chow, Tamara Dávila, and María Virginia Meneses and their families are now in a situation of severity and urgency.

These women defenders and their families have experienced besiegement, intimidation and harassment, arbitrary arrests, smear campaigns, and threats since April of 2018, and even beforehand. They work as journalists, activists, sociologists and members of the feminist movement, one of the most visible and contentious groups against the arbitrary rights violations perpetrated by the ruling party in Nicaragua.

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