STATEMENT / The National Network of Women Human Rights Defenders in Honduras hereby denounces the campaign of disparagement, criminalization and racism promoted by extractive companies

The National Network of Women Human Rights Defenders in Honduras hereby expresses the following to the national and international community:

1. We emphatically repudiate the campaigns of disparagement, criminalization, racism, stigmatization and threats in the social networks and news media by extractive companies and persons linked to their projects of death and plunder, as well as by allies of the central and municipal governments against those who are defending their territories.

2. We denounce the fact that these prejudicial campaigns fomented by forces that really do usurp territories and promote both hatred and the rupture of the social fabric in communities, pose a latent risk to the lives of those who are defending their territories with the legitimacy handed down to them by their ancestors.

3. We hold Los Pinares Investments, the Honduran Association of Renewable Energy (AHER), El Progreso Hydroelectric Central Power Plant (HIDROCEP), Clean Energy Generation Promoters (PROGELSA) and the regime of Juan Orlando Hernandez responsible for the impact of these campaigns on the safety and security of our comrades of the San Alonso Rodríguez Foundation (FSAR), Coalition of Grassroots Organizations of the Aguán (COPA), Broad Movement for Dignity and Justice (MADJ), and the Reitoca Lenca Indigenous Council, as well as other defenders.

4. We stand in solidarity with defenders who, despite the risks and threats that they face, continue to defend life with rebellious conviction. We wholeheartedly support their struggle and remain on the lookout for actions of those who threaten their work.

5. We call on the national and international community to denounce the atrocities committed against our comrades. Defending natural assets means defending life!

No more criminalization of struggles!

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