#WHRDAlert EL SALVADOR / Attempted break-in at facilities of Transforming Women Association

Transforming Women Association (MT, El Salvador)

Defense of Workers’Rights

Attacks experienced
Attempted break-in

THE FACTS– On Tuesday, August 14th, upon returning from their August vacations, the Transforming Women staff found that one of their security cameras had been altered.

On Wednesday the 15th, during a review of recordings by technical personnel, registered material revealed that on Saturday August 11th, an unknown armed person made several attempts to enter the office and the vehicle of the organization that was on the premises. Later, when he realized he was being taped, he was seen trying to move the càmera to try to hide what he had done. He then got into a vehicle occupied by several people and stayed outside the office for a while before leaving.

The Salvadoran Network of Women Defenders and IM-Defensoras truly regret and repudiate this attempted break-in at the facilities and offices of Transforming Women in El Salvador. We demand that the government conduct an immediate, eficient, exhaustive investigation that contemplates all possible causes, especially those related to the group’s work in defense of human rights, in an effort to keep the offense from going unpunished.

Lastly, we express our sisterhood and support for the compañeras in Transforming Women of El Salvador. We recognize their important work and demand that they receive comprehensive protection.

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