Self-Care Gathering of Guatemalan Women Human Rights Defender Network

On July 3rd and 4th, a self-care gathering was convoked by the Women Human Rights Defender Network in Guatemala. Participants included 38 Mayan, Xinca and meztiza women defenders, along with representatives from 11 regions of the country who work in different spheres of defense, including women’s rights; economic, social and cultural rights; and environmental, political and civil rights.

With the aim of generating and making use of methodological and conceptual self-care instruments, based on a theoretical, practical and experiential vision with an ancestral, historical focus, participants engaged in self-care practices. They also became acquainted with the IM-Defensoras comprehensive feminist proposal, made diagnoses and personal plans, and collectively constructed self-care instruments, among other proposed activities.

Two members of the Im-Defensoras Regional Self-Care Commission and our Regional Co-Director Teresa Boedo attended the Gathering.

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