#WHRDAlert HONDURAS / Smear Campaign against journalist Lennys Fajardo

Lennys Fajardo

COQUIMBO and PEN International

The right to information

Attack experienced
Smear campaign

THE FACTS – Lennys Fajardo, a journalist widely recognized for her activism in the Honduran popular movement and defender of the right to expression, is a founding member of the COQUIMBO Group and member of PEN International. Since the beginning of May, she has faced an intense smear campaign waged through false facebook profiles that spread slanderous information about her work and activism.

The profile “Lux Luz” has featured publications with photographs of the journalist along with false commentaries accusing her of wanting to destroy COQUIMBO and become an activist in the currently ruling National Party, Furthermore, she has been subjected to identity theft through the false profile, “Lennys Fajardo”, in which she is linked to the same party.

We of IM-Defensoras and the National Network of Women Human Rights Defenders in Honduras condemn these acts and express our concern over the journalist’s security; moreover, we demand that the State comply with its obligation to guarantee her security and integrity.

We call on all international human rights organizations and entities to stand in solidarity with Lennys Fajardo and to stay alert for developments in the situation.

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