Nicaraguan Initiative of Women Defenders condemns agression against defender of environmental and women’s rights Luisa Centeno

Nicaraguan Initiative of Women Human Rights Defenders – Taking cowardly advantage of the anonymity offered by most social networks, unknown persons opened a facebook page on August 22nd that describes Luisa as a “nefarious, a rat” and makes other slanderous remarks against her, accusing her of creating facebook pages under other names to attack the ruling party.

Luisa is a member of the Women’s Network of Condega, a defender of women’s rights, and defender of the earth and natural resources. As a defender, she has consistently denounced clearcutting and the sales of wood in the Segovia area.

The Nicaraguan Initiative of Women Human Rights Defenders denounces this and all other attacks against Luisa Centeno. It should be recognized that the aim of such acts is to silence and discredit women defenders who have courageously condemned atrocious rights violations and abuses of power.

Our solidarity goes out to Luisa Centeno and the comrade defenders in Condega.

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