NEWS / IM-Defensoras co-organizes International Seminar “Weaving webs to protect women human rights defenders” to be held in the Spanish State

On October 17th and 18th, in Barcelona and Madrid respectively, IM-Defensoras will join together with the PBI-Spanish State, Front Line Defenders, Calala Women’s Fund and JASS Mesoamérica as organizers of the International Seminar – Weaving Webs to Protect Women Human Rights Defenders. It will be held in the context of “Women, Peace and Security” and other protection mechanisms.

At this seminar, women human rights defenders belonging to IM-Defensoras, Journalism and Democracy in Honduras, Juarez Women’s Roundtable Network and the Nydia Erika Bautista Foundation in Colombia will analyze the situation of the endangerment of women and share their own experiences on the ground, as well as their political and gender analyses of the corrent context of violence and attacks against women.

The spokeswomen for IM-Defensoras will be Marusia López (JASS, Just Associates), Denia Mejia (National Network of Women Human Rights Defenders), Imelda Marrufo (National Network of Women Human Rights Defenders in Mexico and Coordinator of the Juarez Women’s Roundtable Network) and María Martín (JASS, Just Associates).
They will be accompanied by Alda Facio, President of the United Nations Working Group on Discrimination against Women, and by representatives of the civil society and several different institutions.


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