#WHRDAlert NICARAGUA / Radio Voice of Women

Radio Voice of Women is a Nicaraguan radio station dedicated to the promotion and dissemination of the rights of women. The station is a project by the Jalapan Association for Women Against Violence (OYANKA).

This past Sunday, May the 31st, 2015, officials from the Legal Department of the Nicaraguan Institute of Telecommunications and Post (TELCOR) showed up at the offices of the Voz De Mujer radio station claiming that they would be continuing their technical inspection, which supposedly began on Friday May 29th, 2015. As such, they shut down the radio station and took some of the radio station’s equipment.

According to a press release by OYANKA, the inspection had already been completed and “the objective was a different one: to shut down the radio station and steal their equipment. The explanation that they have provided is that the radio frequency that OYANKA was authorized to operating under was 90.3, but it appeared as 90.5. OYANKA was aware of this problem, and they were taking the necessary measures to fix it – this was known by one of Telecor’s legal advisors.”

OYANKA demands that Telcor retract and withdraw the order to shut down Voz de Mujer Radio, and immediately return the equipment (transmitter, console, and CPU with all its accessories), as the organization has the legal documentation for the acquisition of all the equipment.

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