November 29, International Women Human Rights Defenders Day: In the face of barbarism, we care among ourselves, in community

This year in Mexico five women defenders searching for disappeared family members were victims of feminicide. In Nicaragua 21 women are still prisoners for struggling against the totalitarian drift of the Daniel Ortega government, while many more have been banished, gone into exile, seen their organizations illegally shut down, or live with their families in […]

29 November 2022

[STATEMENT] In El Salvador, digital violence is State violence.

In a country where femicides are common and women are condemned to decades of imprisonment for involuntary termination of pregnancy, women human rights defenders and journalists are under the watch of the government and its allies who attack, difame, and stigmatize them throught public speeches and social media.  Between January and February 2022, IM-Defensoras registered […]

2 November 2022

Migratory repression and banishment for defending rights in Nicaragua

Migratory repression is a mechanism used in Nicaragua since 2018 as a form of aggression against activists and human rights defenders. It has become more frequent in the last two years and is primarily reflected in three ways: banishment, migratory retention, and migratory harassment.  Through preliminary mapping, we of IM-Defensoras have identified more than 140 […]

14 October 2022

Mesoamerican Registry of Attacks against Women Defenders: July/August 2022 — Preliminary monthly data

July and August of 2022: 379 cases of aggression against women defenders. Three women defenders were assassinated in these past two months, all of them in Mexico: two defenders searching for disappeared persons, Rosario Rodríguez (Sinaloa) and Brenda Jazmín Beltrán (Sonora), as well as Luz Raquel Padilla (Jalisco), defender of the rights of disabled persons. […]

29 September 2022

“What would you do to hug your daughter?” Campaign launched in solidarity with Tamara Dávila, who may be on a hunger strike demanding to see her daughter

Political prisoner Tamara Dávila reportedly on hunger strike to be allowed to see her daughter.  Tamara has been unjustly imprisoned and isolated for 15 months without being able to see her daughter – a very serious violation of the rights both of them.  There are signs that Nicaraguan feminist activist and woman human rights defender […]

19 August 2022