[WHRD Alert] MEXICO / Asunción Gómez Sánchez arbitrarily arrested and criminalized for defending land and life of dignity

[UPDATE] After arbitrarily detaining her and depriving her of liberty for more than two years, judge decree acquittal of charges and freedom for Asunción Gómez Sánchez. Since October 19, 2019, human rights defender Asunción Gómez Sánchez has been illegally deprived of her freedom in the State Center for Social Reinsertion (CERSS) Number 14, El Amate […]

2 November 2021

[Urgent Alert] Moroccan State must cease and desist from besiegement and attacks against Saharaui defender Sultana Jaya.

Since November of 2020, the Moroccan police has subjected the residence of Saharaui woman defender Sultana Jaya to constant besiegement and surveillance in the city of Bojador, located in the territories occupied by Morocco in the Western Sahara. These actions that, in fact, involve a situation of house arrest, have taken place without any court […]

26 October 2021

[Urgent Alert] GUATEMALA / Government imposes state of siege in El Estor after repressing peaceful protest against illegal mining operation.

On Sunday October 24th, after two days of brutal repression by the National Civilian Police (PNC, Spanish initials) and Army against the Q’eqchi’ people peacefully opposing the illegal operation of the Swiss–Russian Solway Mining Company, the Guatemalan government decreed a state of siege in the town of El Estor, Izabal. That same Sunday, the police […]

[Urgent Alert] AFGHANISTAN / In light of the Taliban offensive and humanitarian crisis brought on by NATO, it is crucial to support Afghan women activists and their organizations in order to guarantee their security and ongoing struggle for the rights of women and girls.

Afghan women defenders and activists, along with women, girls, and dissident persons of diverse sexual orientations and gender identities are in an extremely high risk situation since the assumption of power by the Taliban, or the self-designated Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. This is happening upon the withdrawal of the United States and its allies in […]

23 August 2021
Cuc Choc - Foto por: Prensa Comunitaria

[Urgent Alert] GUATEMALA / Judge orders trial to begin on November 8, 2021, for María Cuc Choc, criminalized since 2018 for defense of the land

Last Tuesday, August 3rd, after an evidentiary hearing, the judge of the First instance Criminal, Drug and Environmental Court in Izabal decreed the beginning of the trial, next November 8th, of defender María Magadalena Cuc Choc, who has been facing criminalization for defending the land since 2018.  On January 18, 2018, María Cuc Choc was […]

8 August 2021