#WHRDAlert GUATEMALA / Environmental defender Diana Isabel Hernández killed

Diana Isabel Hernández Juárez Organization Environmental Ministry of Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish Activity Environmental defense Attack experienced MURDER THE FACTS – On Saturday, September 7 at 7:20 pm, several individuals riding in a vehicle shot and killed Diana Isabel Hernández while she was participating in a procession in her Monte Gloria community in Santo Domingo […]

10 September 2019

#WHRDAlert HONDURAS / Assailants kill Mirna Teresa Suazo, community leader and Garifuna territorial defender

Mirna Teresa Suazo Martínez Activity Community leader and defender of the Garifuna territory Attack experienced MURDER THE FACTS – On Sunday, September 8, Garifuna territorial defender Mirna Teresa Suazo Martínez was murdered by unidentified assailants who arrived on a motorcycle at the restaurant that she owned in the Masca community, where they shot and killed her. […]

#WHRDAlert GUATEMALA / Break-in at Petén Ixqik Women’s Association

Petén Ixqik Women’s Association Activity Women’s human rights Attacks Breaking and entering THE FACTS – On Tuesday, August 27, members of the Petén Ixqik Women’s Association arrived at the premises of the Comprehensive Support Center for Women Survivors of Violence (CAIMUS) in Petén and found the office doors open with indications that a search had taken […]

3 September 2019

[CALL TO ACTION] #DefendamosVallecito: Solidarity and engagement with the Garífuna community of Vallecito and OFRANEH

The people of the liberated community of Vallecito / Faya and the Honduran Black Fraternal Organization (OFRANEH) are suffering from an aggravation of the already delicate situation of violence that they have historically faced to build and defend a life and coexistence model different from the prevailing one. Vallecito is a community located in the […]

30 August 2019