17 June 2020 – We, the undersigned organizations, have been constantly monitoring the Nicaraguan government’s response to COVID-19, declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization on March 11, 2020. We are writing to you to express our deep concern about the Nicaraguan government’s failure to comply with international standards regarding the prevention and control […]

17 June 2020

Statement of the National Network for Women’s Human Rights in Honduras on the current political crisis.

We are defenders of land and water, common and public resources, health, education, sexuality, and the freedom of body and word. We are defenders of a just and dignified life. We women human rights defenders wish to make it clear that just as some of us are obliged to live behind bars, and must protect […]

6 May 2020

[STATEMENT] International Forum Will Monitor the Human Rights Situation in Honduras During the COVID-19 Emergency

[Americas & Europe, 7 April 2020] – Historically, Honduras has faced profound challenges in guaranteeing human rights. The country is one of the most violent in the world; it has one of the highest rates of perception of corruption, impunity is rampant, and 66% of its population live in conditions of poverty. Against this background, the […]

17 April 2020

[PRONOUNCEMENT] National Network of Women Human Rights Defenders in Honduras speaks on COVID-19 crisis

We of the National Network of Women Human Rights Defenders in Honduras express our views on the crisis generated by COVID-2019: 1. En moments like these, our activities are profoundly political, and for this reason we call for strengthening respectful solidarity and collective care spaces. 2. We respectfully bear in mind the dignity and needs […]

7 April 2020

Salvadoran Network responds to COVID-19

On March 18, the Salvadoran Network of Women Defenders issued a statement about the crisis generated by COVID-19, expressing urgency and the need to practice both self-care and collective care. It stressed the need to stay vigilant with regards to the actions of State institutions in the fields of health and human rights. Moreover, the […]