November 29, International Women Human Rights Defenders Day: In the face of barbarism, we care among ourselves, in community

This year in Mexico five women defenders searching for disappeared family members were victims of feminicide. In Nicaragua 21 women are still prisoners for struggling against the totalitarian drift of the Daniel Ortega government, while many more have been banished, gone into exile, seen their organizations illegally shut down, or live with their families in […]

29 November 2022

[STATEMENT] In El Salvador, digital violence is State violence.

In a country where femicides are common and women are condemned to decades of imprisonment for involuntary termination of pregnancy, women human rights defenders and journalists are under the watch of the government and its allies who attack, difame, and stigmatize them throught public speeches and social media.  Between January and February 2022, IM-Defensoras registered […]

2 November 2022

State of Nicaragua withdraws from the CAT review and calls it “Provocative”

Washington D.C. / Geneva, July 18, 2022-. The Committee Against Torture (CAT) summoned the State of Nicaragua to a review under the Convention against Torture and  Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment on Thursday, July 14. The Nicaraguan delegation did not attend and, through a letter, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Denis Moncada, […]

19 July 2022

International feminist solidarity in the face of the illegal cancellation of women’s rights supporter organizations or feminist organizations in Nicaragua.

Since 2018, at least 26 feminist organizations or that suport or work for women’s rights have been illegally closed by the government of Daniel Ortega. We stand in international feminist solidarity, and we call on the world to see Daniel Ortega for what he really is: an unpunished rapist, misogynist, corrupt, and capitalist macho man […]

22 April 2022

Today more than ever, we must care for ourselves collectively and heal together

This 29 November, worldwide we celebrate International Women Human Rights Defenders’ Day. We recognize the legacy of our ancestors and honor the contributions of women who every day raise their voices against injustice and build alternatives for a dignified life.   Being a woman human rights defender is extremely challenging in a world where patriarchal and […]

1 December 2021