STATEMENT / Doing #FeministJusticeForBerta three years after her seed was sown

READ/DOWNLOAD STATEMENT  Mesoamerica, March 2, 2019 – On the night of March 2, 2016, some tried to put out her light, hush her rebellious words, and vanquish the fighting spirit of our comrade Berta Cáceres. They paid no attention to the fact that Berta, a Lenca indigenous woman, feminist defender of territory and the rights […]

2 March 2019

STATEMENT / We demand freedom for Ruth Matute, political prisoner in Nicaragua!

READ/DOWNLOAD STATEMENT  Ruth Matute has been a political prisoner in Nicaragua since October 2018. She is recuperating from an operation due to a severe heart condition and her life is in danger. Mesoamerica, January 31st, 2019 – We, the 179 undersigned organizations demand that the Nicaraguan government immediately free Ruth Matute, who has been held […]

31 January 2019

STATEMENT of the National Network of WHRD in Mexico: #WithoutDefendersThere’sNoMovement

Zero tolerance of violence against women defenders Women defenders are present in all the struggles against injustice in Mexico. Our place is in the vanguard. We are seeds with embryos of change. Immersed in a patriarchal world of death, our contributions are constantly besieged. We are stalked by power groups as we continue to take […]

18 December 2018

#29N #16Days Statement of the Salvadoran Network of Women Human Rights Defenders

Around a hundred women representing territorial defender networks from the West, East, Cuscatlán and Metropolitan Area of El Salvador, came together from November 30 to December 1, 2018, on the International Day of Women Human Rights Defenders (November 29th) and the IM-Defensoras Regional Campaign: “Seeds of Change Defenders.” The campaign went on during the 16 […]

STATEMENT / As feminist movements of Latin America and the Caribbean we demand an immediate end to the criminalization of the feminist movement and of social movements in Nicaragua

December 13, 2018 The undersigned feminist networks and organizations denounce and reject the constant attacks of the Nicaraguan government on feminists and human rights defenders in the country. For months the political and human rights crisis has been growing deeper, raising the levels of violence and social disintegration in the country. The activists face intimidation, […]

14 December 2018