[Urgent Alert] EL SALVADOR / Mothers and families seeking information about persons detained under state of exception face precarious conditions, stigmatization, and security risks.

Two months after the Salvadoran regime  imposed a state of exception under the pretext of fighting a rise in gang violence, more than 30 thousand persons have been detained and deprived of their freedom in the country’s jails and prisons that were already severely overcrowded.  In many cases the imprisoned people are innocent and have […]

31 May 2022

[WHRD Alert] NICARAGUA / New wave of closures leaves 40 feminist and women’s rights organizations illegally canceled by Daniel Ortega since 2018.

On May 18th and 19th, the National Assembly of Nicaragua passed a new wave of illegal cancellations of the legal standing of organizations in the country. This has affected 44 organizations of different types, including 6 feminist or women’s rights organizations. On Wednesday, May 18, those cancelled were Meeting Points Foundation for the Transformation of […]

30 May 2022

[OPEN LETTER] Mexico: Release human rights defender Kenia Hernández.

OPEN LETTER – THE OBSERVATORY / IM-DEFENSORAS / FRONT LINE DEFENDERS / CIVICUS / NATIONAL NETWORK OF WOMEN RIGHTS DEFENDERS IN MEXICO. On this occasion, the Observatory, IM-Defensoras, FLD, CIVICUS, and the National Network of Women Human Rights Defenders in Mexico address you to express our deep concern about the continued criminalization and arbitrary detention […]

17 May 2022

International feminist solidarity in the face of the illegal cancellation of women’s rights supporter organizations or feminist organizations in Nicaragua.

Since 2018, at least 26 feminist organizations or that suport or work for women’s rights have been illegally closed by the government of Daniel Ortega. We stand in international feminist solidarity, and we call on the world to see Daniel Ortega for what he really is: an unpunished rapist, misogynist, corrupt, and capitalist macho man […]

22 April 2022

[WHRD Alert] NICARAGUA / Daniel Ortega intensifies terror policy on the 4th anniversary of April 18th social uprising: 156 attacks against women defenders in just 10 days.

Since April 10, 2022, we of IM-Defensoras have registered 156 attacks against women human rights defenders in Nicaragua. Of these, 147 have been personal attacks against defenders and the other 9 have been against organizations that defend the rights of women or are run by women defenders. This upswing in attacks has occurred in the […]

21 April 2022