International Organisations Establish ‘International Observatory of the Human Rights Situation in Nicaragua’

READ/DOWNLOAD STATEMENT  April 18, 2018 marked a watershet moment in the recent history of Nicaragua, with the outbreak of a political and social crisis that has seriously impacted the respect for and guarantee of human rights of the Nicaraguan people. Nine months since the start of the human rights crisis, state repression against protesters, leaders, […]

18 January 2019

#CallToAction NICARAGUA / We demand immediate freedom for Ruth Matute

The life of Ruth Matute, who was arbitrarily arrested in October, 2018, is in danger due to her critical state of health. She suffers from heart failure and just had emergency surgery to replace her pacemaker that no longer worked. WE CALL ON THE INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY TO PRESSURE THE NICARAGUAN GOVERNMENT TO GRANT HER IMMEDIATE […]

10 January 2019

#UrgenAlert NICARAGUA / Police illegally break into home of Dora María Téllez

On Monday morning, January 7th, police agents illegally broke into the Ticuantepe home of the historic Sandinista activist and human rights defender Dora María Téllez. The defender reports that some of the agents were masked and that a drone flew over her house, which had been subjected to siege and surveillance for three months. We […]

9 January 2019

#UrgentAlert NICARAGUA / Political prisoner Ruth Matute’s state of health worsens

Ruth Matute, who is still being held prisoner after being arbitrarily arrested in October, 2018, has suffered from heart failure and uses a pacemaker. On Friday night, January 4th, it was necessary to move Ruth Matute from the women’s prison to the Carlos Humberto Huembes Police Hospital because her pacemaker ceased to function. If another […]

8 January 2019

#WHRDAlert NICARAGUA / Nicaraguan government arbitrarily arrests, prosecutes, and decrees preventive detention for journalist Lucía Pineda

Lucía Pineda Ubau ActivityThe right to information and freedom of expression Attacks experiencedArbitrary arrest, criminalization, judicial prosecution THE FACTS – Lucía Pineda is a journalist with dual Nicaraguan and Costa Rican citizenship, who works for the channel 100% Noticias. On Friday, December 21st, police agents broke into the radio station and arrested her arbitrarily, along […]

3 January 2019