[WHRD Alert] NICARAGUA / Municipal electoral farce gives way to heightened climate of fear, external territorial control, and attacks against women defenders and communities.

Last Sunday, November 6, in a context of territorial repression and systematic attacks on the fundamental rights of the people of Nicaragua, municipal elections were held throughout the country. Like the November 21 presidential elections, they constituted an electoral farce absolutely lacking in legitimacy or compliance with international standards of transparency, and instead were aimed […]

10 November 2022

Migratory repression and banishment for defending rights in Nicaragua

Migratory repression is a mechanism used in Nicaragua since 2018 as a form of aggression against activists and human rights defenders. It has become more frequent in the last two years and is primarily reflected in three ways: banishment, migratory retention, and migratory harassment.  Through preliminary mapping, we of IM-Defensoras have identified more than 140 […]

14 October 2022

[WHRD Alert] NICARAGUA / Daniel Ortega cancels 29 more feminist and women’s rights organizations, with a total of 176 since 2018.

The persecution of organizers in defense of human rights and the freedom of association in Nicaragua has not ended. In September, 29 more feminist and women’s rights organizations were illegally canceled by the misogynist, neoliberal, illegitimate government of Daniel Ortega, resulting in a total of 176 organizations of this type that have been shut down […]

13 October 2022

[WHRD Alert] NICARAGUA / Miskita defender Anexa Alfred Cunningham denied entry into her own country, Nicaragua.

Last July, the migratory authorities of Nicaragua denied entry into her own country of the Miskita attorney and defender of the rights of indigenous peoples, Anexa Alfred Cunningham, of Nicaraguan nationality. This grave offense occurred when she was returning home from Geneva, Switzerland, after participating in a session of the UN Expert Group on the […]

4 October 2022

[Urgent Alert] At 66 years old, Dora María Téllez has begun a hunger strike despite the deterioration of her health in the inhuman prison conditions imposed upon her.

According to reliable sources available to us, the feminist activist, historian, and former Revolution Commander Dora María Téllez has been on a partial hunger strike for approximately two weeks in El Chipote prison, where she has been held in a cell for more than 16 months. She is protesting the inhumane conditions to which she […]

26 September 2022