[WHRD Alert] HONDURAS / Garifuna defenders criminalized after being arrested in violent, illegal eviction in Punta Gorda, Roatán

On Monday November 7 at noon, officials of the Public Prosecutor’s Office and a heavily armed military-police contingent with an alleged eviction order broke into the encampment of the Punta Gorda Garifuna community, a group engaged in a legitimate process of the recovery of their ancestral lands on Roatán Island.  Security forces violently attacked and […]

10 November 2022

[WHRD Alert] HONDURAS / Persecution, harassment and criminalization of Miriam Miranda, OFRANEH member and human rights defender, after protest at Public Prosecutor’s Office on August 9, 2022

After demonstrating for the defense and recuperation of their territories and demanding the live appearance of four Garifuna youth who were forcibly disappeared more than two years ago, Miriam Miranda, Coordinator of the Black Fraternal Organization of Honduras (OFRANEH), along with human rights defenders Luther Castillo Harris and Edi Tabora, now face charges of illegal […]

30 August 2022

HONDURAS / International Forum calls for immediate release and reparations for defenders of the Guapinol River

The International Forum for Human Rights in Honduras welcomes the granting of two injunctions on 10 February 2022 by the Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice in favour of the 8 defenders of the Guapinol River in Honduras; decisions that recognise the illegality of the process and declared a mistrial, resulting in the […]

14 February 2022

Women Human Rights Defenders and Communities in Struggle in the Context of the Elections in Honduras

Position of the WHRD networks and articulations that make up IM-Defensoras In a context of territorial dispossession, terror, and repression imposed by the narco-dictatorship that governs the country, a new election process will take place on 28 November. The National Network of Women Human Rights Defenders in Honduras and all the networks, articulations, and organizations […]

24 November 2021


  On 28 November, a new electoral process will take place in Honduras, in a context of territorial dispossession, terror, and repression imposed by the current narco-dictatorship. This situation is intensifying violence against women defenders and their communities. Honduras is a mirror of the policies and interests being pushed throughout the world, but it is […]

19 November 2021