[Urgent Alert] HONDURAS / National Congress adopts Penal Code Reforms that threaten social protest and defense of human rights

On Thursday, October 7, the Honduran National Congress, in a decision not open to discussion, approved a number of reforms to the Code of Criminal Procedure that impose heavier penalties for offenses such as usurpation and forced displacement, generally utilized by the State and extractive companies to criminalize social protest and the defense of human […]

18 October 2021

[STATEMENT] A step towards justice for Berta: hope for Mesoamerican women human rights defenders.

After five years awaiting justice in the assassination of our sister Berta Cáceres Flores, today July 5th, 2021, we are celebrating in the streets, on social media, in the courts and in our communities. Thanks to the tireless struggle of Berta’s family and COPINH, one of the co-authors of this atrocious assassination will finally have […]

5 July 2021

[WHRD Alert] HONDURAS / Garifuna defender belonging to OFRANEH detained, criminalized and sentenced to house arrest.

Silvia Bonilla Flores Organization Black Fraternal Organization of Honduras (OFRANEH) Activity Defense of the ancestral Garifuna territory  Last Wednesday June 16th, Silvia Bonilla Flores, a 73-year old defender of ancestral Garifuna territories, was detained by the National Police while riding on a bus in the town of El Porvenir in the Atlántida province. Silva was […]

21 June 2021
Defensoras garífunas

[WHRD Alert] HONDURAS / Garifuna women defenders criminalized and sentenced to alternative imprisonment with racist arguments

Jennifer Solorzano and Marianela Solorzano Organization Black Fraternal Organization of Honduras (OFRANEH) Activity Territorial defense. Defense of LGBTI rights. THE FACTS – On Sunday, March 7th, Judge Camilo Peralta of the Civil Court in Trujillo, Colón, indicted the Garifuna defenders Jennifer Solozarno and Marianela Solorzano on charges of usurpation, threats, and damages to the JUCA […]

10 March 2021

We demand a March 8th free from repression and patriarchal violence!

PHOTO: Rosario Ochoa For several decades on March 8th, millions of women and feminists around the world have confirmed the strength of our voices joined together. We have mobilized in plazas and other public spaces to assert our determination to transform a world in crisis that imposes patriarchal, racist, capitalist and colonial violence and exploitation […]

7 March 2021