[WHRD Alert] GUATEMALA / Woman defender who was seeking justice for her daughter, one of the 56 girls victimized in the massacre at the Hogar Virgen de la Asunción, is found murdered.

María Elizabeth Ramírez Activity The right to truth, justice and reparations THE FACTS – The lifeless body of defender María Elizabeth Ramírez was found on Sunday morning, February 21, on the banks of a black-water river in Los Pinos, Esquipulas. María Elizabeth was the mother of Wendy Vividor Ramírez, one of the girls killed on […]

25 February 2021

[WHRD Alert] GUATEMALA / Threats against defender and member of Feminist Artisans Collective due to her support for case against gender violence in Antigua

Alejandra Hernández  Organization  Colectiva Feminista Artesanas (Feminist Artisans Collective) of Antigua, Guatemala Activity Women’s rights; the right to a life free from violence  THE FACTS – As of last December 2nd, after the publication in social networks by the Feminist Artisans Collective of a denunciation against an alleged  woman abuser and assailant, messages began to […]

14 December 2020

[WHRD Alert] GUATEMALA / Assailant physically attacks journalist from Revista RUDA and denigrates her feminist activism as she covers protests in Guatemala City

Jovanna García Activity The rights to information and freedom of expression THE FACTS – On Saturday afternoon, November 28th an individual supposedly participating in an anti-government demonstration in Guatemala City hit journalist Jovanna García with an iron pole and defamed her, calling her an “infiltrated feminist.”   Jovanna, who works with the magazine, Revista Ruda, was […]

30 November 2020

[Urgent Alert] GUATEMALA / Suspension of hearing violates due process for K’iche Maya communicator Anastasia Mejía, who will remain in preventive detention for at least 20 more days.

On Thursday October 8, Judge Susy Pérez suspended the First Declaration hearing in the case of the criminalization of communicator Anastasia Mejía and the president of the merchant’s association in the town of Joyabaj, Petrona Siy.  According to the judge, this is due to an inability to establish digital connection with the defendants, who are […]

14 October 2020

[Urgent Alert] MESOAMERICA / Regional governments send military troops and special forces to head off and disband the migrant caravan that left Honduras on September 30.

During the past few days, the Guatemalan and Mexican governments have implemented a widespread troop deployment –including both military and special forces– in order to head off, halt, and disband the migrant caravan of around four thousand people that set out for the United States from San Pedro Sula, Honduras last Wednesday, September 30. There […]

6 October 2020