El Salvador

[STATEMENT] In El Salvador, digital violence is State violence.

In a country where femicides are common and women are condemned to decades of imprisonment for involuntary termination of pregnancy, women human rights defenders and journalists are under the watch of the government and its allies who attack, difame, and stigmatize them throught public speeches and social media.  Between January and February 2022, IM-Defensoras registered […]

2 November 2022

[Urgent Alert] EL SALVADOR / Mothers and families seeking information about persons detained under state of exception face precarious conditions, stigmatization, and security risks.

Two months after the Salvadoran regime  imposed a state of exception under the pretext of fighting a rise in gang violence, more than 30 thousand persons have been detained and deprived of their freedom in the country’s jails and prisons that were already severely overcrowded.  In many cases the imprisoned people are innocent and have […]

31 May 2022

[Urgent Alert] EL SALVADOR / Inclusion of “digital undercover agent” provision in Code of Criminal Procedure entails grave threat to women human rights defenders

On Tuesday, February 1st, the Salvadoran Legislature passed a Code of Criminal Procedure reform, a measure that poses a serious threat to organizations and persons defending human rights in the country. This adaptation, which was promoted by the New Ideas governmental party, creates the entity of the “digital undercover agent” in an effort to legitimize […]

9 February 2022

[Urgent Alert] EL SALVADOR / Specialized Unit for Crimes of Corruption of the Attorney General’s Office of El Salvador raids offices of 7 organizations, including several women’s and feminist organizations.

Agents of the Corruption Crimes Specialized Unit of the Attorney General’s Office of El Salvador (FGR, Spanish initials), along with Salvadorian Army troops, raided the offices of at least 7 human rights organizations:  Las Melidas Feminist Organization, Tecleñas Women’s Association, FUNDASAN, FUNDASPAD, PROCOMES, PRO-VIDA and A Helping Hand. The incident took place on Monday morning […]

23 November 2021

[Urgent Alert] EL SALVADOR / Approval of “Foreign Agents Law” would pose a serious threat to human rights organizations in the country

On 9 November, following President Nayib Bukele’s orders, the Minister of Interior and Territorial Development presented the proposed “Foreign Agents Law” to the Legislative Assembly of El Salvador. The National Network of Women Human Rights Defenders of El Salvador and IM-Defensoras are concerned that approving this proposed law would pose a serious threat to the […]

15 November 2021