El Salvador

#UrgentAlert EL SALVADOR / Salvadoran authorities obstruct rights of journalists and women defenders to inform and defend during Covid-19 emergency situation.

In keeping with measures adopted for dealing with Covid-19, authorities in El Salvador have blocked people in quarantine shelters from communicating and denouncing what is happening inside. The Salvadoran Network of Women Human Rights Defenders has been able to verify rights violations and bad conditions in some of the centers. Among the irregularities reported are: […]

23 March 2020

#WHRDAlert EL SALVADOR / Defender harassed and insulted in social networks for denouncing unhealthy and overcrowded conditions of persons quarantined due to Covid-19.

Montserrat Arévalo Alvarado Activity Defense of human rights THE FACTS – On March 13, 2020, defender Montserrat Arévalo posted a denunciation in Facebook that has been shared more than four thousand times regarding overcrowding and the lack of hygiene for persons held in quarantine during the pandemic provoked by COVID-19. As a result, the defender […]

18 March 2020

#WHRDAlert EL SALVADOR / Government backers launch smear campaign against women´s rights defender

Bertha De León Activity Legal specialist in Human Rights and the Human Rights of Women Attacks experienced Cyber attacks, hate speech, harassment, smear campaign. The FACTS – On February 20, a series of attacks from the Twitter account of Walter Araujo was launched against the attorney Bertha María de León. The accusations, which are both […]

24 February 2020

#WHRDAlert EL SALVADOR / Slander and smear campaign against young Salvadoran feminists

Katherine García and Verónica Larin Activity Feminist activists and defenders of the rights of women and youth Attacks experienced Slander and smear campaign THE FACTS – Last January 23rd, a series of montages with false messages were published in Lucrecia Landaverde’s Facebook account with references to the young feminist activists and rights defenders Katherine García […]

29 January 2020

#WHRDAlert EL SALVADOR / Amorales member convicted of denouncing sexual assaults at University of El Salvador

Lissania Zelaya Organization Amorales Collective Activity Lawyer, artist, feminist and woman human rights defender Attacks Criminalization THE FACTS – Defender Lissania Zelaya has been convicted of the crime of slander and condemned to pay a fine of USD 2,027 for affirming the responsibility of University of El Salvador (UES) professor Richard Mendoza in sexual abuses […]

13 December 2019