El Salvador

[Urgent Alert] EL SALVADOR / Commission of Justice and Human Rights of Legislative Assembly “files away” bill for recognition and holistic protection of human rights defenders.

On Wednesday May 19th, the Commission of Justice and Human Rights of the Legislative Assembly of El Salvador decided to shelve the proposed “Law for the recognition and comprehensive protection of human rights defenders.”  This bill is the fruit of work carried on since 1917 by a wide variety of organizations and collectives that make […]

21 May 2021

Civil society organizations in the region reject the capture of the Constitutional Court and the Attorney General’s Office in El Salvador and warn that the principle of separation of powers in the country is being affected.

Latin America, May 4, 2021 – The undersigned civil society organizations, committed to the defense of the rule of law, human rights and democracy in Latin America, strongly reject the decisions adopted on May 1 by the Salvadoran Congress to arbitrarily remove from office the judges and alternate judges of the Constitutional Chamber of the […]

5 May 2021

[Urgent Alert] EL SALVADOR / After a blow against democratic institutionality in El Salvador, we send out a call for the protection of women defenders and journalists.

On Saturday, May 1st,  the current President of the regime in El Salvador, who has the support of the majority in the Legislative Assembly, approved actions such as the dismissal of five  regular and alternate magistrates of the Constitutional Chamber and chose their replacements. He also dismissed the nation’s Attorney General and replaced him. Both […]

3 May 2021

[WHRD Alert] EL SALVADOR / Anti-rights groups intensify stigmatization and hate speech campaigns against feminists and women defenders accompanying the “Manuela” case.

Women defenders and organizations accompanying the “Manuela” case  Activity Sexual and reproductive rights Last March 10th and 11th, the InterAmerican Court of Human Rights held a public hearing on the case of Manuela, a Salvadoran woman who died in prison after being criminalized and sentenced to 30 years for suffering an obstetric emergency. In this […]

19 April 2021

We demand a March 8th free from repression and patriarchal violence!

PHOTO: Rosario Ochoa For several decades on March 8th, millions of women and feminists around the world have confirmed the strength of our voices joined together. We have mobilized in plazas and other public spaces to assert our determination to transform a world in crisis that imposes patriarchal, racist, capitalist and colonial violence and exploitation […]

7 March 2021