[Urgent Alert] At 66 years old, Dora María Téllez has begun a hunger strike despite the deterioration of her health in the inhuman prison conditions imposed upon her.

According to reliable sources available to us, the feminist activist, historian, and former Revolution Commander Dora María Téllez has been on a partial hunger strike for approximately two weeks in El Chipote prison, where she has been held in a cell for more than 16 months. She is protesting the inhumane conditions to which she […]

26 September 2022

[WHRD Alert] NICARAGUA / During the month of August, 42 more feminist and women’s rights organizations lost their legal status, with a total of 147 illegally canceled by Daniel Ortega since 2018.

Last month, the illegitimate, misogynous, neoliberal regime of Daniel Ortega continued to persecute human rights defenders in Nicaragua. Waves of massive cancellations resulted in a monthly average of 47 feminist and women’s rights organizations that were illegally and arbitrarily shut down, with a total of 147 such organizations illegally canceled since 2018.  It is important […]

6 September 2022

“What would you do to speak with your son?” – Campaign in solidarity with Suyen Barahona, a feminist political prisoner in Nicaragua.

🚨Feminist and human rights defender Suyen Barahona has not been able to communicate with her 5 year-old son for the past 15 months. 🔴The people who hold her prisoner do not allow her to speak with him or receive drawings or photographs. ⚠️The last time the child saw his mother was when the police came […]

[WHRD Alert] MEXICO / In Sinaloa assailants kill defender Rosario Lilian Rodríguez, a searching mother of the ‘Hearts without Justice’ collective

On Tuesday, August 30, the International Day of Victims of Enforced Disappearances, the searcher, human rights defender, and member of the ‘Hearts without Justice’ collective, Rosario Lilian Rodríguez Barraza, was kidnapped and murdered in Cruz de Elota, Sinaloa.  The defender was abducted by armed men who approached her in a white Suburban van around 9 […]

5 September 2022

[Urgent Alert] MEXICO / The life and integrity of Amuzga defender Kenia Hernández is at risk; calls for her transfer to another prison and prompt release are urgent.

Rights defender Kenia Hernández has been deprived of her freedom for 20 months in a maximum security prison –– the High Security Center for Women #16 in the state of Morelos. She has been subjected to restrictive, inhumane, excessive prison conditions due to her criminalization as a human rights defender.  The violations of her basic […]

2 September 2022