#WHRDAlert NICARAGUA / Physical attack, intimidation and besiegement of Marcela Foster, defender of the right to self-determination and autonomy of indigenous peoples

MARCELA FOSTER Activity The rights of indigenous peoples Attacks Physical attack, intimidation and besiegement THE FACTS – According to information reported by the Center for Justice and Human Rights of the Atlantic Coast of Nicaragua (CEJUDHCAN), on Wednesday morning, June 26th, defender Marcela Foster, of the Twi Yahbra territory in the community of Kamla, together with […]

1 July 2019

#UrgentAlert HONDURAS / Military police invade UNAH and use firearms to repress students – Several reported wounded

On Monday afternoon, June 24th, Honduran Military Police agents violated university autonomy by invading the campus of the National Autonomous University of Honduras (UNAH) to repress students who were peacefully demonstrating in defense of public Health and Education. The Military Police used firearms, and several people were reported wounded, including two women students. At this […]

28 June 2019

#WHRDAlert EL SALVADOR / Defamation, smear campaigns and threats against Bessy Ríos, cyber-activist and human rights defender of women and sexual diversity

BESSY RÍOS Organization Salvadoran Network of Women Human Rights Defenders Activity Cyber-activist and defender of the rights of women and sexual diversity Attacks experienced Defamation, smear campaigns and threats THE FACTS – Bessy Ríos is a widely recognized human rights defender who emphasizes the rights of women and sexual diversity. She has a Law degree and […]

27 June 2019

#UrgentAlert HONDURAS / Government represses demonstrators: At least two dead and dozens wounded, mainly by firearms

In the context of recent protests over the privatization of public health and education, crowds of men and women continue to take to the streets of Honduras. They are repudiating the government, which they also accuse of being repressive, corrupt, and in league with organized crime. In response, the government has sent the National Preventive […]

20 June 2019

#WHRDAlert HONDURAS / Mobile surveillance and intimidadion of journalist Eleana Borjas, of Radio Progreso

ELEANA BORJAS COELLO Organization Radio Progreso Activity The right to information and freedom of expression Attacks experienced Mobile surveillance and intimidation THE FACTS – On the morning of June 13th, the journalist Eleana Borjas, a correspondent for Radio Progreso in the city of Tegucigalpa, was followed for approximately 25 minutes by a patrol car of the […]

19 June 2019