[WHRD Alert] EL SALVADOR / IACHR takes Beatriz Case: In the face of anti-rights and pro-government groups attacks, we wholeheartedly acknowledge and support the work of Salvadoran feminists and women defenders.

On March 22nd, thanks to the tireless work of family members, organizations including the Citizens Group for the Decriminalization of Abortion, the Feminist Collective for Local Development,  CEJIL and IPAS, together with the support of feminist and sexual and reproductive rights defenders in El Salvador, the Beatriz Case  will be heard by the  Inter-American Court […]

22 March 2023

[WHRD ALERT] MEXICO/ Human rights defender Ana Enamorado at risk for her work in searching for disappeared persons

For 13 years, rights defender Ana Enamorado has searched for her son, Oscar Antonio López Enamorado, a Honduran youth who was disappeared in Jalisco, Mexico, on January 19, 2010. In order to engage in the search and to demand justice for her son, the defender had to leave her home country and settle in Mexico. […]

30 January 2023

[WHRD ALERT] GUATEMALA / Persecution, threats, and theft of work equipment belonging to defender and communicator María Laura González following her coverage of the Case of Our Lady of the Assumption Orphanage.

After covering a hearing on the Case of the Our Lady of the Assumption Orphanage, defender María Laura González, a communicator of the 8 Tijax Collective, was pursued and forced to hand over the camera and cell phone with which she had documented the hearing. The incident took place soon after the defender left the […]

[WHRD Alert] MEXICO / Journalist María del Refugio Martínez Guardado stigmatized and criminalized in Aguascalientes

The journalist María del Refugio Martínez Guardado, Director of the digital media, Péndulo Informativo, is facing criminal charges, harassment and attacks by  Rodolfo “N”, who presumably acts with the support of the Attorney General of the state of Aguascalientes. In 2021, María Martínez presented four complaints against Rodolfo “N” for the crimes of sexual and […]

30 November 2022

[WHRD Alert] MEXICO / Defender Maricela Sánchez Muñoz stigmatized and revictimized in Aguascalientes

Maricela Sánchez Muñoz, who defends the rights of women prisoners and torture survivors, faces a criminalization campaign promoted by Rodolfo ”N”, who has publicly accused her of being part of The Office crime cell in Aguascalientes. Rodolfo “N” is owner of the business, Center News Agency, and Director of the site, The Truth of the […]

29 November 2022