#WHRDAlert HONDURAS / New death threats, intimidation and harassment against Rosalina Domínguez of COPINH

Rosalina Domínguez Organization COPINH Activity Defense of the land, territory and natural assets Attacks Death threats, intimidation, harassment THE FACTS – On Wednesday night, July 31st, ex DESA employees threatened Rio Blanco community leader Rosalina Domínguez with a machete when she was returning to her home with a comrade and 2 girls. According to information provided […]

2 August 2019

WHRDAlert MEXICO / Assailants kill Zenaida Pulido, defender of the right to truth, justice and reparations in the state of Michoacan

ZENAIDA PULIDO LOMBERA Organization Families Walking for Justice Activity The right to truth, justice and reparations Attack MURDER THE FACTS – On July 19th, defender Zenaida Pulido Lombera was murdered in the town of Aquila, Michoacan when she was on her way back from filing a complaint for threats against her. The defender was tràveling in […]

24 July 2019

#WHRDAlert EL SALVADOR / Cyber-bullying, threats, misogynist insults and smear campaign against journalist Karen Fernández

KAREN FERNÁNDEZ Activity Defense of freedom of the press Attacks experienced Cyber-bullyling, threats, misogynist insults, smear campaign THE FACTS – Last June 28th, during an interview on the program “República SV” of Channel 33, the journalist Karen Fernández shared her arguments regarding the use of political communication in the “Territorial Control Plan,” now being implemented as […]

16 July 2019

#WHRDAlert HONDURAS / COPINH women land defenders detained and criminalized in Nueva Esperanza community

Women defenders of the Nueva Esperanza community Organization COPINH Activity Defense of land, territory and natural resources Attacks experienced Criminalization THE FACTS – At 5 o’clock in the morning, Tuesday, July 9th, State security forces burst into the Nueva Esperanza community on the pretext of enforcing an alleged complaint of “land usurpation.” They detained 15 people […]

10 July 2019