#WHRDAlert CATALONIA / Repression of the right to self-determination of the Catalan people

Women defenders of the right to self-determination of the people of Catalonia Activity: Defense of the people’s right to self-determination, democracy and freedom of expression Attack experienced: Excessive use of force, attack on freedom of expression THE FACTS – On Sunday, October 1st, the autonomous government of the Catalan people called for a referendum to exercise the […]

4 October 2017

#WHRDAlert NICARAGUA / Murder of Celedonia Zalazar: community judge and defender of indigenous territory on Caribbean Coast

Celedonia Zalazar Point Activity Community judge, territorial defender Attack experienced Homicide THE FACTS – Around 6:30 pm on Friday September 8th, the community judge Celedonia Zalazar Point was killed along with her husband, Tito José González Bendles, at home in the Tungla community in the Prinzu Awala territory of the Prinzapolka municipality. They had apparently received […]

19 September 2017

Nicaraguan Initiative of Women Defenders condemns agression against defender of environmental and women’s rights Luisa Centeno

Nicaraguan Initiative of Women Human Rights Defenders – Taking cowardly advantage of the anonymity offered by most social networks, unknown persons opened a facebook page on August 22nd that describes Luisa as a “nefarious, a rat” and makes other slanderous remarks against her, accusing her of creating facebook pages under other names to attack the ruling party. […]

13 September 2017


The National Network of Women Human Rights Defenders in Honduras – Three hours have gone by since ATIC agents initiated a procedure known as a luminol test in the apartment of Mirtha Gutiérrez, a defender belonging to the UNAH student moviment. The test is purportedly simed at solving an alleged homicide that occurred in the room […]

#WHRDAlert HONDURAS / Arbitrary arrest with excessive use of force against UNAH students

Zuly Rodríguez, Suset Vásquez, Jenny Bonilla and Brenda Miranda Organization University Student Movement (MEU), UNAH Activity Cultural, social and economic rights (DESC) Attacks experienced Arbitrary arrest, Excessive use of force, Criminalization THE FACTS – In the early morning hours of Friday, September 8th, a large military police contingent went into the campus of the National Autonomous […]

12 September 2017