[STATEMENT] ¡Mesoamerican Women Human Rights Defenders say NO to the attack against the Kurdish community!

“We can arrive without warning any night whatsoever,” announced Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, regarding a possible attack against the Kurdish community in Northeast Syria. A few hours ago international solidarity committees in Rojava called on worldwide communities and civil society organizations to engage in actions against the Turkish occupation and Kurdish ethnic cleansing this […]

11 October 2019

[STATEMENT] Disturbing risk situation of women human rights defenders and journalists in Mexico

Mesoamerica, August 2, 2019 – We of the Mesoamerican Initiative of Women Human Rights Defenders (IM-Defensoras) and the National Network of Women Human Rights Defenders in Mexico hereby express our concern over the serious situation of violence and risk faced by women human rights defenders and journalists in Mexico and the negligence and apparent inability […]

5 August 2019

[STATEMENT] National and international organizations condemn acts of repression against girls, boys, teenagers and young people protesting in Honduras

The Americas, July 22, 2019. In the face of recent acts of repression in Honduras, such as the abusive use of tear gas, physical attacks and arrests victimizing under-age persons, we, the undersigned organizations, condemn the continuation of the indiscriminate use of force by the armed services of Honduras and make a resounding call on […]

31 July 2019

[STATEMENT] The government of Nicaragua intends to give a false closure to the serious political and human rights crisis, but there are still political prisoners and repression and violence continue by the police, paramilitary forces and political operators

Latin America, June 19, 2019 –Tuesday, June 18th marked the end of the period in which the Nicaraguan government had promised to release all political prisoners detained in the context of the political and human rights crisis that the country has gone through since April 2018. Yet records show that more than 84 people are […]

20 June 2019

[STATEMENT] Stop the repression of social protest in Honduras!

READ/DOWNLOAD STATEMENT  Mesoamerica, June 5, 2019 – Last April, the National Congress of Honduras passed laws on the Restructuring and Transformation of the System of Health and Education, which resulted in the massive firing of persons and the privatization of these public services. A series of social protests and acts of pressure in defense of […]

6 June 2019