[WHRD Alert] NICARAGUA / Feminist political prisoners face torture and abuse.

Ana Margarita Vijil, Dora María Téllez, Suyen Barahona and Tamara Dávila. Activity Feminist activists, socio-political rights. Feminist activists Ana Margarita Vijil, Dora María Téllez, Suyen Barahona, and Tamara Dávila have been imprisoned since last June, when they were violently arrested. All of them experience freedom deprivation and violation of their human rights in conditions which, […]

17 December 2021

[WHRD Alert] MEXICO / Assailants threaten and assault women defenders of CLADEM Jalisco.

Members of Jalisco’s Latin American and Caribbean Committee for the Defense of Women’s Rights (CLADEM) experienced on November 25th and December 9th two highly serious attacks that placed their lives and personal integrity at risk.  On November 25, 2021, as we celebrated the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, one of our […]

16 December 2021

In turbulent times, IM-Defensoras is taking a time-out to heal and continue caring for ourselves.

The Mesoamerican Initiative of Women Human Rights Defenders (IM-Defensoras), our national networks and articulations, and our regional teams and structures, have decided to take a breath, open spaces to heal ourselves, to renew our energies, and to honor the commitment we took on more than 11 years ago: to place care at the center of […]

1 December 2021

Today more than ever, we must care for ourselves collectively and heal together

This 29 November, worldwide we celebrate International Women Human Rights Defenders’ Day. We recognize the legacy of our ancestors and honor the contributions of women who every day raise their voices against injustice and build alternatives for a dignified life.   Being a woman human rights defender is extremely challenging in a world where patriarchal and […]

[WHRD Alert] MEXICO / Feminist activist killed in armed attack at Guaymas, Sonora government offices, as she participated in a peaceful November 25th demonstration.

Marisol Cuadras Organization Feminists of the Sea Collective    Marisol Cuadras, a young, 18-year-old feminist activist who was participating in a peaceful demonstration along with the Feminists of the Sea Collective on the International Day for the Eradication of Violence against Women, was hit by gunshots from a group of assassins attacking government offices in Guayma, […]

29 November 2021