ACTIONS Guatemala

Paulina Cruz Ruiz
Defense of land, territory and natural resources

Diana Isabel Hernández Juárez
Pastoral de Medio Ambiente de la Parroquía de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe
Environmental defense

  • #WHRDAlert (09/09/2019)

Petén Ixqik Women’s Association
Women’s human rights
Breaking and entering

Jennifer Domínguez
Center for Environmental, Social and Legal Action in Guatemala – CALAS
Environmental defense
Physical, verbal and psychological attack

Defender of indigenous peoples’ rights; Op-ed columnist
Racist insults on social networks; hate speech

Ch’orti’ New Day Central Indigenous Organizations
Defense of territory, land and natural resources
Physical attack

Rosario Tuyuc
Consejo Oxlajuj Noj, Adimar Association
The rights of women and youth; territorial defense
Defamation and threats

Claudia Samayoa
Unit for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders in Guatemala (UDEFEGUA)
The right to defend rights

Women’s Sector for Political Alliance
Women’s rights
Force entry of offices and seizure of documentation and work equipment

Jovita Tzul
Indigenous Peoples Law Firm
Defense of the right to access to justice; the rights of indigenous peoples
Attempted arbitrary arrest; excessive use of force

Andrea Ixchiu y Lucía Ixchiu
Festivales Solidarios (Solidarity Festivals)
Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (DESC)
Physical attack and hate crime

Helen Mack
Myrna Mack Foundation
The right to truth and justice
Surveillance, persecution and intimidation

Briseida Milián
Justicia Ya (Justice Now)
Socio-political rights, women’s rights, the right to information and freedom of expression

Women Human Rights Defenders and organizations that support the CICIG
Riesgo de represión derecho a la protesta

Ada Valenzuela, Iduvina Hernández, Brenda Hernández
The right to defend rights, women’s rights, right to information, and freedom of expression
Campaign of disparagement, defamation and accusations

Aura Margarita Valenzuela, María Magdalena Zarat and Mariela Álvarez
National Coordinating Body for Peoples in Marginalized Areas of Guatemala (CONAPAMG)
The right to housing
Excessive use of force, Criminalization

Norma Sansir
Ch’orti’ New Day Indigenous Campesino Organizations
Community rights, Territorial defense, Right to information, Freedom of expression
Arbitrary arrest, home break-in and robbery

Dunia Montoya
The right to justice; the right to information and freedom of expression
Stigmatization campaign; obstacles to excercising the right to defend rightss

Juana Ramírez Santiago
Network of Ixil Women (ASOREMI)
Women’s rights

Stacy Velázquez
Latin American and Caribbean Transgender Network (REDLACTRANS)
LGBTI rights
Physical attacks

Rolanda de Jesús García
The right to information
Intimidation, threats, insults, sexual harassment, detention and attempt on freedom of expression

Juana Raymundo
Campesino Development Committee (CODECA)
Defense of land, territory and common assets
Kidnapping, torture and FEMICIDE

Lenina García and the University Student Association
Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (DESC)
Assaults, criminalization

Participants in “the Powerful Vulva” action
Sexual and reproductive rights (DDSSR)
Violation of the right to freedom of expression; Criminalization

María Magdalena Cuc Choc
National Network of Women Human Rights Defenders in Guatemala
Territorial defense, Defense of indigenous peoples
Arbitrary arrest, Criminalization

Lilian Angélica Juárez Batz
Kaqla, Mayan Women’s Network
Women’s Rights and Rights of Indigenous Peoples
Attempt on life

Lesbia Artola
Regional CCDA Coordinator in Alta Verapaz and member of the National Network of Women Human Rights Defenders in Guatemala
Territorial defense
Death threats, Attempt on life, Harassment

Lolita Chávez
Council of the Ki’che’ Peoples (CPK)
Territorial defense
Attack, harassment, threats, criminalization
Postal “Defendamos a nuestras defensoras” (20/11/2012)

The Interns of the Virgin of the Assumption Safe Home
The right to a life free of violence
Mistreatment, Sexual exploitation, Extrajudicial execution, FEMICIDE

Sofía Menchú
The right to information
Censorship, Infringement of freedoms of expression and information

Members of Women on Waves
Sexual and reproductive rights
Criminalization and violation of the rights to freedom of assembly and organization, freedom of movement, legal representation, due process of law, and the presumption of innocence

Laura Leonor Vásquez Pineda
Committee in Defense of Life in San Rafael Las Flores
Territorial defense
Criminalization, Murder

Albina Chocooj Col and María Elena Col Rey
Territorial defense

LGBTI Human Rights
Murder, Attacks, Threats

Unit for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders en Guatemala- (UDEFEGUA)
Protection of human rights defenders
Attack on life and physical integrity, Sabotage, Threats, Defamation, Intimidation, Surveillance, Cybernetic attack, Following members

Iduvina Hernández
Security in Democracy Association (SEDEM)
Freedom of expression, Right to truth and justice
Threats, Criminalization

Family members of the political prisoners of Huehuetenago
Territorial defense

Lucía Escobar, Iduvina Hernández, Emma Milán Thiessen and Emma Molina
Freedom of expression, Right to truth and justice

Marleni Estrada Tambito 
Unidad Sindical de Trabajadores de Guatemala UNSITRAGUA -HISTÓRICA-
Workers human rights

Sara Curruchich and members of Solidarity Festivals
Territorial defense
Intimidation, threats, attack on freedom of expression

Blanca Julia Atjum Mejía and members of CODECA
Comité de Desarrollo Campesino (CODECA)
Territorial defense and Social rights

Rosalinda Pérez
Community leader, women’s rights, right to housing

Claudia Paz y Paz
Fiscal, Grupo Interdisciplinario de Expertos Independientes (GIEI) Caso Ayotzinapa
Calumnia, difamación

  • #WHRDAlert (21/01/2016)

Women denouncing the Sepur Zarco case
Right to truth and justice

Priscila Samayoa
Territorial defense
House fire

Resistencia La Puya
Territorial defense
Violent eviction, criminalization

  • #AlertaDefensoras (27/05/2015)

Bárbara Díaz Surín
Territorial defense
Arbitrary detention, abuse of power, criminalization

  • #AlertaDefensoras (20/10/2014)

Francisca Gómez Grijalva


Patricia Samayoa 
Human rights of women


Lorena Cabnal
Asociación de Mujeres de Santa María Xalapan (AMISMAXAJ)
Human rights of women and environmentalist
Censorship, expropriation, death threats

  • Postal “Defendamos a nuestras defensoras” (20/11/2012)