ACTIONS El Salvador

Katherine García and Verónica Larin
Feminist activists and defenders of the rights of women and youth
Slander and smear campaign

Amorales Collective
Denunciation of sexual aggression

Diana Arias and Carmen Rodríguez
Defense of freedom of the press
Cyber harassment, misogynous insults, and smear campaign in social networks

Members of LGBTTTI communities
Sexual, reproductive and LBGTTTI rights
Hate crimes, Hate culture

Evelyn Hernández
Sexual and Reproductive Rights

Defense of freedom of the press
Cyber-bullyling, threats, misogynist insults, smear campaign

Salvadoran journalists
Freedom of the press

Bessy Ríos
Salvadoran Network of Women Human Rights Defenders
Sexual and reproductive rights, Social and economic rights, Cyber-activist and defender of the rights of women and sexual diversity
Excessive use of force, repression of her right to protest, defamation, smear campaigns and threats

Feminists working with student community at University of El Salvador (UES)
Mobilization to denounce attacks at UES
Obstruction of justice and complicity of the Higher University Council with offender José Boanerges Osorto Guevara

Sexual and reproductive rights
Cyber attack

Andrea Ayala and Bárbara Romero
Salvadoran Lesbian Women’s Space for Diversity (ESMULES)
Rights of women and LGBTI population
Slander and smear campaign

Andrea Ayala
Salvadoran Lesbian Women’s Space for Diversity (ESMULES)
Defense of LGBTI rights
Physical violence, intimidation, psycholocial harrassment, threats; Slander and smear campaign

Radio Güija
Environmental defense, human rights of women, the right to information.
Attempted break-in, threats.

Bertha Deleón
Attorney specializing in human rights and the human rights of women.
Attempt on vehicle, damage to personal patrimony.

Transforming Women Association (MT, El Salvador)
Defense of Workers’Rights
Attempted break-in

Dina Yaseni Puente
Network of Community Environmentalists in El Salvador (RACDES)
Defense of the land, territory and common assets

Feminist Collective for Local Development, FESPAD and Citizen Group for the Decriminalization of Abortion
The right to defend rights; Women’s rights
Obstruction by judge of right to defend rights; restriction of rights to protest and demonstrate

Tatiana and Meyra Alemán
“The usual suspects”
The right to access to justice, The rights of youth
No protection measures granted, Non compliance with protection measures

Participants protesting privatization of public services
Economic rights
Repression of the right to protest. Excessive use of force

Sonia Sánchez
Defender of the territory
Criminalization, death threats, forcible entry

Margarita Posada
National Health Forum
Social and economic rights
Threats, Smear campaign, Insults on social networks

Wendy Morales
Arbitrary detention


Bertha de León and Pedro José Cruz
Right to access to justice
Surveillance, intimidation

Bertha de León and Teresa Naves
Right to access to justice
Harassment, intimidation, threats

Feminist Collective for Local Development and Citizen Association for the Decriminalization of Therapeutic Abortion, Ethics and Eugenics
Women Human Rights, Sexual and Reproductive Rights
Defamation, discredit

LGTBI Human Rights defenders

Francela Méndez
Colectivo Alejandría, Red Salvadoreña de Defensoras de Derechos Humanos
LGTBI Human rights defender