[STATEMENT] International Forum Will Monitor the Human Rights Situation in Honduras During the COVID-19 Emergency

[Americas & Europe, 7 April 2020] – Historically, Honduras has faced profound challenges in guaranteeing human rights. The country is one of the most violent in the world; it has one of the highest rates of perception of corruption, impunity is rampant, and 66% of its population live in conditions of poverty. Against this background, the […]

17 April 2020

369 women defenders make connections to talk about life

Photo: @majolizana We met to talk about life. On Monday, April 6, 369 women from Abya Yala, the Spanish State, and other parts of the planet got together in a webinar presided over by Lolita Chávez and Miriam Miranda, and moderated by Marusia López. The event was organized by the K’iche Peoples Council, Calala Women’s […]

8 April 2020

[PRONOUNCEMENT] National Network of Women Human Rights Defenders in Honduras speaks on COVID-19 crisis

We of the National Network of Women Human Rights Defenders in Honduras express our views on the crisis generated by COVID-2019: 1. En moments like these, our activities are profoundly political, and for this reason we call for strengthening respectful solidarity and collective care spaces. 2. We respectfully bear in mind the dignity and needs […]

7 April 2020

[PRONOUNCEMENT] COVID-19: In the midst of this crisis, it is urgent to halt authoritarianism and defend life, care, rights and human dignity.

Mesoamerica, March 20, 2020 – For the last few days, our embraces have become words of encouragement that fade into the distance. Uncertainty and distress mar the lives of people in situations of confinement and the lives of those who can’t afford the luxury of seeking refuge because poverty and injustice are epidemics that have […]

26 March 2020

#UrgentAlert PHILLIPINES / Solidarity with Cristina Palabay, criminalized for defending Human Rights

Cristina Palabay ORGANIZATION Karapatan ACTIVITY The right to defend rights ATTACKS EXPERIENCED Criminalization; Military persecution Cristina Palabay is the Secretary General of Karapatan, an alliance of individuals, groups, and organizations that work to promote and protect human rights in the Philippines. She is one of the defenders that we met with during the Advocacy Week […]

18 March 2020