“In Nicaragua nothing is normal”: organizations present evidence that human rights crisis in the country is still in effect

International and Nicaraguan human rights organizations present evidence that human rights crisis in the country is still in effect. IACHR event during 174th Period of Sessions in Quito. Quito. Ecuador. November 13, 2019. Nine international and local human rights organizations denounced the precarious human rights situation in Nicaragua in an event that took place during […]

14 November 2019

JOB POSITION / Finance Officer for IM-Defensoras

The Mesoamerican Women Human Rights Initiative (IM-Defensoras) is a local to regional alliance of organizations and networks of Women Human Rights Defenders (WHRDs) in Mexico and Central America, a region gripped by violence and gender discrimination. IM-Defensoras works to strengthen regional strategies and national WHRD networks with gender sensitive holistic resources that enhance Mesoamerican WHRDs’ […]

12 November 2019

Miriam Miranda: “Our people face an extermination plan”

At least 16 Garífuna people have been killed in 2019, six of them women, including defenders Mirna Suazo and María Digna Montero. Defender Miriam Miranda presents this data and adds: “In the sea of violence in which Honduras is submerged, the Garífuna communities have been an oasis of peace, but the number of Garífuna people […]

7 November 2019

IM-Defensoras Driving Group Meeting: Looking towards 2020

Twenty-one members of the IM-Defensoras Driving Group met from October 21-25 in Honduras to evaluate last year’s work and fortify our view of the future. We wove together actions from regional strategies and national networks to reinforce the impact that we’re making. In the background, the sound of a waterfall. In the meeting hall, the […]

5 November 2019