International Organisations Establish ‘International Observatory of the Human Rights Situation in Nicaragua’

READ/DOWNLOAD STATEMENT  April 18, 2018 marked a watershet moment in the recent history of Nicaragua, with the outbreak of a political and social crisis that has seriously impacted the respect for and guarantee of human rights of the Nicaraguan people. Nine months since the start of the human rights crisis, state repression against protesters, leaders, […]

18 January 2019


Imelda Córtez is a young Salvadoran woman, 21 years old, who has spent two years in prison accused of “attempted homicide” after she experienced an out-of hospital birth. Imelda had gotten pregnant after being subjected to sexual abuse and rape by her mother’s spouse. On Monday, December 17, 2018, a court exonerated her and decreed […]

20 December 2018


The Guatemalan government has decreed the expulsion from the country of eleven members of the International Commission against Impunity in Guatemala (CICIG), who work in the investigation and litigation of high-impact cases in the country. The government has revoked their visas and diplomatic credentials, withdrawn their immunity and given them 72 hours to leave the […]

STATEMENT of the National Network of WHRD in Mexico: #WithoutDefendersThere’sNoMovement

Zero tolerance of violence against women defenders Women defenders are present in all the struggles against injustice in Mexico. Our place is in the vanguard. We are seeds with embryos of change. Immersed in a patriarchal world of death, our contributions are constantly besieged. We are stalked by power groups as we continue to take […]

18 December 2018

#29N #16Days Statement of the Salvadoran Network of Women Human Rights Defenders

Around a hundred women representing territorial defender networks from the West, East, Cuscatlán and Metropolitan Area of El Salvador, came together from November 30 to December 1, 2018, on the International Day of Women Human Rights Defenders (November 29th) and the IM-Defensoras Regional Campaign: “Seeds of Change Defenders.” The campaign went on during the 16 […]