Nicaraguan authorities’ repression of activists, human rights defenders, and journalists intensifies

The signatories of this letter denounce the repression of activists and those perceived as opponents of the Nicaraguan government at the hands of state agents during the celebration of Nicaragua’s Independence Day. Nicaraguan organizations recorded human rights violations carried out with a clear intent to intimidate those who oppose the current government’s policies. During the […]

18 September 2020

[Urgent Alert] NICARAGUA / Intensification of attacks against women activists and human rights defenders during national celebrations in September

Since the first of September until Sunday, September 13, approximately 145 attacks against women activists and human rights defenders have been reported in the context of the national celebrations.  Harassment (46) and restriction of the freedom of movement (33) continue to be the most frequent types of attack this month, followed by warnings and threats […]

17 September 2020

[WHRD Alert] NICARAGUA / Denial of the right to defense and arbitrary prolongation of judicial proceedings against Karla Escobar, imprisoned under precarious conditions affecting her physical and psychological health

Karla Escobar Activity Defense of human rights THE FACTS – Last Thursday, September 3, the trial against defender and political prisoner Karla Escobar was arbitrarily postponed. Karla has been criminalized and imprisoned in the women’s prison known as “La Esperanza” (Hope) in Tipitapa, Managua, ever since her illegal arrest last April 30 in Masaya. Her right […]

9 September 2020
Kalua Salazar

[WHRD Alert] NICARAGUA / Government officials defame independent journalist

Kalúa Yakari Salazar Activity Journalist. Chief Press Officer of La Costeñísima Radio THE FACTS – Kalúa Yakari Salazar, journalist and Chief Press Officer of La Costeñísima Radio have denounced slander by Nicaraguan government workers. The accusations were first made a few days after La Costeñísima Radio broadcast a story in which a citizen accuses government […]

20 August 2020

[WHRD Alert] NICARAGUA / Heightened smear campaign, hate speech and false claims against feminist attorney Azahálea Solís.

Azahálea Isabel Solís Román Organization Autonomous Women’s Movement (MAM) Activity Defense of women’s rights and democracy Attacks Threats, harassment, smear campaigns, stigmatization and criminalization. THE FACTS – Azahálea Isabel Solís Román is a feminist lawyer and women’s rights defender of the Autonomous Women’s Movement (MAM) with a long, widely recognized history both nationally and internationally. […]

5 August 2020