#WHRDAlert NICARAGUA / Police, paramilitary forces and State institutions threaten, harass and violate rights of released political prisoner Tania Muñoz

Tania Verónica Muñoz Pavón Organization Released political prisoner Activity Defense of the right to protest Attacks experienced Threats, harassment, criminalization THE FACTS – The released political prisoner Tania Muñoz has denounced the fact that for the last seven months, she has experienced harassment by police and paramilitary forces. This includes surveillance conducted outside her home and […]

21 January 2020

#WHRDAlert NICARAGUA / Paramilitary forces besiege home of defender Reyna Rodríguez and make attempt on lives of son and nephew

Reyna Isabel Rodríguez Palacios Organization Autonomous Women’s Movement (MAM) Activity Women’s rights THE FACTS – On Sunday, January 5, in Ciudad Sandino, Managua, at approximately 7 o’clock at night, Álvaro Antonio Báez Rodríguez (33 years of age) and Andison Francisco Chávez Rodríguez (27), the son and nephew of defender Reyna Isabel Rodríguez Palacios, were intercepted by […]

10 January 2020

#WHRDAlert NICARAGUA / Government party supporters threaten and harass independent women journalists

Independent women journalists Organization News media Activity Freedom of expression, the right to information THE FACTS – For more than six months, a group of Nicaraguan women journalists and their famílies have been the targets of smear campaigns, digital and physical attacks, cyberbullying, harassment, robbery of work equipment, threats, and violation of their privacy by persons […]

8 January 2020

#WHRDAlert NICARAGUA / Psychological torture and cruel, inhuman, degrading treatment of political prisoner Neyma Hernández

Neyma Elizabeth Hernández Ruiz Activity Political prisoner; social and political rights Attacks experienced Arbitrary arrest; criminalization; psychological torture; cruel, inhuman, degrading treatment THE FACTS – On Thursday, December 12, Neyma Hernández, who suffers from several illnesses including hyperthyroidism and heart trouble, fainted and underwent a deterioration of her health. Since then she has been subjected to […]

19 December 2019

#WHRDAlert NICARAGUA / Criminalization and smear campaigns against defenders in Condega

Luisa Hermida, Amanda Centeno, María Fernanda Pineda and Irma Calero Activity Women human rights defenders in Condega, Estelí Attacks experienced Aggression, threats, psychological harassment, political persecution THE FACTS – On November 20th, a group in Condega called the Carlos Fonseca Amador Peace Defenders of the North disseminated a statement condemning persons they accuse of “coup-like actions,” […]

16 December 2019