#WHRDAlert NICARAGUA / Police lay siege to home of activist Flor Ramírez and block her exit

Flor Ramírez Activity Social and political rights Attacks experienced Siege, surveillance, excessive use of force, violation of right to freedom of movement THE FACTS – For the last four days, police agents have engaged in acts of surveillance and intimidation outside the home of activist Flor Ramírez, also known as Doña Flor. This Friday, March […]

30 March 2020

#WHRDAlert NICARAGUA / Health care and access to medicine denied to activist and political prisoner Esperanza Sánchez

María Esperanza Sánchez García Organization April 19 Civic Movement, Matagalpa Activity Social and political rights Attacks experienced Criminalization, imprisonment, denial of access to medicine and health care THE FACTS – On Tuesday, March 24, the activist and political prisoner Maria Esperanza Sánchez suffered an asthma attack and a high blood pressure crisis while being held […]

26 March 2020

#WHRDAlert NICARAGUA / Social network users post threats, hate speech, and incitements to sexual violence against Kenia Gutiérrez

Kenia María Gutiérrez Gómez Organization Campesino Movement Activity Defense of land, territory and natural resources Attacks experienced Threats, hate speech, incitements to sexual violence THE FACTS – During the last few days, various users of social networks have resorted to hate speech in publications and comments that accuse, threaten, and even incite sexual violence against […]

24 March 2020

#WHRDAlert NICARAGUA / Student leader Dolly Mora threatened, harassed and expelled from university

Dolly Mora Organization Civic Alliance Activity Economic, social and cultural rights Attacks experienced Expulsion from university, threats and police harassment THE FACTS – On Friday, March 13, the authorities of the Polytechnic University of Nicaragua decreed the expulsion of student leader Dolly Mora. As the UPOLI Rector acknowledged in a telephone conversation with the leader, […]

22 March 2020

#WHRDAlert NICARAGUA / Police arbitrarily detain, beat and threaten defender Irma Centeno

Irma Elizabeth Centeno Rivera Organization Artemisa Lesbian Group Activity LGBTI rights, released political prisoner THE FACTS –​ On Wednesday morning, March 11, Nicaraguan police agents arbitrarily detained defender Irma Centeno on a public thoroughfare and took her to Police Station Number 7. At the station, young male police agents beat the defender on the ribs […]

16 March 2020