#WHRDAlert NICARAGUA / Besiegement, harassment and physical attacks against Marlen Chow and Jennifer Brown

Marlen Chow and Jennifer Brown Activity Feminist activists and women human rights defenders Attacks experienced Besiegement, harassment and physical attacks THE FACTS – Marlen Chow, a feminist activist and human rights defender with a long, widely recognized history of activism has denounced harassment and besiegement by persons who have been questioning neighbors about her and her […]

25 March 2019

#UrgentAlert NICARAGUA / Eight women political prisoners launch hunger strike in La Esperanza prison

On Wednesday, February 27, eight women political prisoners in La Esperanza prison began an indefinite hunger strike to condemn the constant acts of humilliation and the cruel and inhuman treatment to which they are personally subjected, as previously denounced by IM-Defensoras. With their strike, they also challenge the government repression and para-police violence now being […]

8 March 2019

CALL TO ACTION – March 8th Free Women Political Prisoners in Nicaragua!

READ/DOWNLOAD CALL TO ACTION   CALL TO ACTION – March 8th Free Women Political Prisoners in Nicaragua! #SetThemFree Sister comrades, feminists, defenders, leaders, networks, organizations, collectives… This is a call to action in solidarity with women political prisoners in Nicaragua, who have been criminalized, persecuted, judicially prosecuted and convicted since April of 2018. During this time […]

7 March 2019

WHRDAlert NICARAGUA / Arbitrary arrest of Justina del Carmen Orozco of the April 19th Student Movement

Justina del Carmen Orozco Organization April 19th Student Movement Activity Political rights Attack experienced Arbitrary arrest THE FACTS – On Friday, February 15th, defender Justina del Carmen Orozco, also known as “Cadenita,” was arbitrarily arrested by the Nicaraguan police while she was exercising her legitimate right to peaceful protest in Managua. Justina del Carmen Orozco is […]

18 February 2019

#UrgentAlert NICARAGUA / Guards at “La Esperanza” prison beat women human rights defenders held as political prisoners

Family members of women defenders being held as political prisoners en “La Esperanza” women’s prison denounce that on Thursday, February 7th at least eight of them were brutally beaten by prison guards. It has been ascertained that these prisoners were attacked: Reyna Varela, Olesia Muñoz, Tania Muñoz, Maria Mercedes Chavadrria, Claudia Campos, Irlanda Jérez, Yeisi […]

9 February 2019