[WHRD Alert] MEXICO / Trans defender Mireya Rodriguez killed in Chihuahua

Mireya Rodríguez Lemus Organization Trans Women’s Union Force of Chihuahua  Activity Sexual and reproductive rights; the rights of sex workers and persons living with HIV   THE FACTS – In the early morning hours of Wednesday, September 2, the body of trans defender Mireya Rodríguez was found with signs of violence inside a house in Aquiles […]

9 September 2020

[WHRDAlert] MEXICO / Guards outside Sonoran Legislature illegally retain and assault Frida Gómez for protesting distortion of law for the digital protection of women

Frida Angélica Gómez Organization: National Front for Sisterhood Activity: Women’s right to a life free from violence THE FACTS – On Friday, August 14, guards outside the Legislature of the state of Sonora illegally retained and physically assaulted the lawyer and women rights defender Frida Angélica Gómez for 20 minutes. The attack took place during […]

7 September 2020

[Urgent Alert] MEXICO / Statements by the President of the Republic, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, stigmatize and put human rights defenders and organizations at risk.

Last Friday, August 28th, during his morning conference, the President of the Republic, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, made some statements that provoke delegitimization and stigmatization, and may lead to the criminalization of independent media and human rights organizations that have denounced the human rights and environmental violations of the extractivist model and, more specifically, those […]

3 September 2020

[WHRD Alert – UPDATE] MEXICO / Criminalization process continues against defenders of the “A tu encuentro” Collective, arrested for protesting last July 10 in Guanajuato.

Isela Montoya, Karla Verónica Martínez and Verónica Durán Organization “A tu encuentro” Collective Activity The right to truth, justice and reparations THE FACTS – On Friday, June 10, Guanajuato State Security Forces violently repressed a peaceful demonstration held by the families of disappeared persons demanding a meeting with Governor Diego Sinhue Rodríguez Vallejo. Five people […]

3 August 2020

[WHRD Alert] MEXICO / Constant aggression, threats and harassment against families of feminicide victims in Mexico City encampment

Families of feminicide victims “Nuestras hijas de regreso a casa” (Bring our daughters home) Activity The right to a life free from violence; the right to truth, justice and reparations THE FACTS – Family members of disappeared women and feminicide victims have been participating in an encampment in the Mexico City Zocalo since last July […]

30 July 2020