[WHRD Alert] MEXICO / Chihuahuan police close seamstress workshop and detain more than 50 people, mainly women and children of the Bosques de San Elías Repechique community, along with women human rights defenders.

Rarámuri women defenders; Community of Rarámuri Bosques de San Elías Repechique  Activity Defense of land, territory, natural resources and the rights of indigenous peoples  THE FACTS – Last August 13, Chihuahua state police agents burst into the assembly hall where the seamstress workshop Bowe Najativo is being constructed; shut down the workshop, and threatened rights […]

9 September 2020

[WHRD Alert] MEXICO / Ongoing campaign of slander, disparagement, threats and criminalization against women defenders of territory and indigenous rights in the state of Querétaro

Estela Hernández Jiménez and Sara Hernández Jiménez Activity Defense of land, territory, natural resources, the right to education, the rights of indigenous peoples and women’s right to political and community participation.   THE FACTS – Since 2019, the hñähñu indigenous defenders Estela Hernández Jiménez and Sara Hernández Jiménez have been targets of a campaign of disqualifications, […]

[WHRD Alert] MEXICO / Environmentalist Diana Bobadilla subjected to death threats, harassment, defamation and attempted physical attack in Metepec, state of Mexico

Diana Bobadilla Martínez Organization Xihmai Foundation and MYWORLD MÉXICO Activity Environmental rights THE FACTS – On August 18, local police agents in Metepec, state of Mexico, arrived at the residence of defender Diana Bobadilla, wielding their arms with a threatening attitude. This incident took place after a series of attacks against her under the auspices […]

[WHRD Alert] MEXICO / Transgender defender Jeanine Huerta killed and re-victimized in Baja California

Jeanine Huerta López Organization SER Services Center Activity The rights of LGBTI persons and those living with HIV  THE FACTS – Last Thursday, August 27, defender Jeanine Huerta was found murdered in her home in Tijuana, with several stab-wounds on her body.  Her family members denounced the fact that when they went in person to […]

[WHRD Alert] MEXICO / Trans defender Mireya Rodriguez killed in Chihuahua

Mireya Rodríguez Lemus Organization Trans Women’s Union Force of Chihuahua  Activity Sexual and reproductive rights; the rights of sex workers and persons living with HIV   THE FACTS – In the early morning hours of Wednesday, September 2, the body of trans defender Mireya Rodríguez was found with signs of violence inside a house in Aquiles […]