[WHRD Alert] MEXICO / Guanajuato state police forces repress and arbitrarily arrest members of “A tu encuentro” Collective

Isela Montoya, Karla Verónica Martínez, Verónica Durán and Sandra Cervantes Organization “A tu encuentro” Collective Activity The right to truth, justice and reparations THE FACTS – On Friday, June 10, Guanajuato State Security Forces violently repressed a peaceful demonstration held by the families of disappeared persons demanding a meeting with Governor Diego Sinhue Rodríguez Vallejo. […]

13 July 2020
Elizabeth Montaño defensora y médica trans

[WHRD Alert] MEXICO / Trans doctor and rights defender killed in Morelos

Elizabeth Montaño Activity The right to health: LGBTIQ+ community rights THE FACTS – Trans defender Elizabeth Montaño was killed this month in Morelos. She was a general practitioner and defender of the right to medical attention in Social Security clinics and hospitals for persons of the LGBTQI+ community. She also organized educational processes and projects […]

22 June 2020

[Urgent Alert] MEXICO / Explicit death threat left at door of Consorcio Oaxaca office

Our sisters from Consorcio Oaxaca denounce that on the morning of 15 June, a black bag was found at their door containing pieces of meat, seemingly an animal’s head, with the message: “SUCK ON THIS, BITCH. NEXT TIME IT’S YOURS. ATTEN., CJNG” [“VAJALE DE HUEVOS PERRA LA PRÓXIMA ES LA TUYA ATTE. CJNG.”] This is […]

16 June 2020

[WHRD Alert] MEXICO / Intimidation of Claudia Zenteno and shut down of her home in Xochimilco, Mexico City

Claudia Zenteno Activity: Defense of land, territory, and the environment FACTS – On 10 June, public officials from the Xochimilco Mayor’s Office went to the home of WHRD Claudia Zenteno, accused her of having a clandestine water supply, and on the following day – 11 June – proceeded to seal off the home. This took […]

15 June 2020

[WHRD Alert] MEXICO / With slander and false accusations, a smear campaign is launched against Anaís Palacios in the state of Veracruz.

Teresa Anaís Palacios Pérez Organization Mexican Institute for Human Rights and Democracy Activity The right to truth, justice and reparations; sexual and reproductive rights; and a life free from violence THE FACTS – During the first week of June, action has been taken to disparage the work of the human rights defender Teresa Anaís Palacios […]

9 June 2020