#WHRDAlert HONDURAS / Criminalization of defenders of the territory and natural wealth of Choluteca

Marlene Pastrana, Karina Aguilar, Ancelma Escobar and Sulema Mendoza Activity Defense of territory and natural wealth Attacks experienced Criminalization THE FACTS – On the morning of Thursday, April 11th, women defenders Marlene Pastrana, Karina Aguilar, Ancelma Escobar and Sulema Mendoza, along with their comrades Félix Pedro Pastrana, Erasmo de Jesús Pastrana, Kevin Edilberto Gómez and Noesis […]

12 April 2019

Defending Guapinol to live well

“We aren’t going anywhere without them We’re not going away because we love them” Tegucigalpa, March 7, 2019 – With all the political struggle now going on in the courtrooms as trials have become a central activity in our movements, there is much to say and much to share from the feminist perspective of the […]

1 April 2019

#WHRDAlert HONDURAS / Sexual assault, physical attacks and threats against Nivia Vargas of ACI-Participa

Nivia Vargas Organization ACI-Participa (Association for a Participatory Citizenry) Activity The right to defend rights Attacks experienced Sexual assault, physical attacks, threats THE FACTS – Last March 8th, in a civil society protest in the southern city of Choluteca, defender Nivia Vargas was attacked by a group of approximately 30 men associated with the National Party […]

13 March 2019

#WHRDAlert HONDURAS / Soldiers use high-calibre arms to attack, threaten, intimidate and rob cell phones from #March 8th demonstrators in San Pedro Sula

On #March 8th women demonstrate in San Pedro Sula Organization Women for Life Forum Activity Women’s rights Attacks experienced Excessive use of force, repression of the rights to protest and free speech, cell phone theft THE FACTS – On Friday morning March 8th, International Women’s Day, women and children demonstrating outside the San Pedro Sula […]

12 March 2019

#WHRDAlert HONDURAS / Attack on offices of Ecumenical Women for the Right to Decide damages mural dedicated to Berta Cáceres, Margarita Murillo and the Mirabal sisters

Ecumenical Women for the Right to Decide (EDD) Activity Sexual and reproductive rights Attack experienced Attack on offices THE FACTS – On the afternoon of March 7th, just before the celebration of International Women’s Day, EDD members were in the organization’s offices when they heard a loud noice outside, specifically on the part of the building […]