#WHRDAlert GUATEMALA / Criminalization and violation of the freedom of expression of defenders of sexual and reproductive rights

Participants in “the Powerful Vulva” action Activity Sexual and reproductive rights (DDSSR) Attacks experienced Violation of the right to freedom of expression; Criminalization. THE FACTS – Last March 8th, during the commemoration of International Women’s Day, feminist activists presented a performance for the second time entitled “the Powerful Vulva,” in which they exhibited the image of […]

22 March 2018

WHRDAlert GUATEMALA / Arbitrary arrest and criminalization of María Magdalena Cuc Choc

María Magdalena Cuc Choc Organization National Network of Women Human Rights Defenders in Guatemala Activity Territorial defense, Defense of indigenous peoples Attack experienced Arbitrary arrest, Criminalization THE FACTS – On the afternoon of January 17th, María Magdalena Cuc Choc suffered an arbitrary arrest in the municipality of Puerto Barrios. María Magalena is a member of a family […]

24 January 2018

National Women Defenders Network in Guatemala grows and consolidates work in 14 areas of the country

Last November, an important gathering of women defenders took place in Guatemala City, where a consensus was reached on the establishment of a new structure and guidelines of the National Network of Women Human Rights Defenders in Guatemala. During 2017, the Network’s main objective was to strengthen the group and work on the definition of […]

15 December 2017


DOWNLOAD STATEMENT We demand that the State comply with its obligation to guarantee protection for women human rights defenders. We need the adoption of Comprehensive Feminist Protection strategies that offer optimal responses, adapted to the context and specific security needs of women defenders and their movements. Celedonia Zalazar, Metzli Sarabia, Miriam Rodríguez, Sherly Montoya, Miroslava […]

29 November 2017

#WHRDAlert GUATEMALA / Attempt on the life of Lilian Angélica Juárez, defender of the rights of women and indigenous peoples

Lilian Angélica Juárez Batz Organization Kaqla, Mayan Women’s Network Activity Women’s Rights and Rights of Indigenous Peoples Attack experienced Attempt on life THE FACTS – At 17:45 h. on November 8th, Lilian Angélica Juárez got into a taxi near the Guatemala City Loop, Zone 7, but never arrived at her destination. The following day, November 9th, […]

14 November 2017