El Salvador

UN Rapporteur Michel Forst meets with Salvadoran defenders

On Thursday, February 8th, the UN Rapporteur on the situation of human rights defenders, Michel Forst, in the course of his official visit to El Salvador, joined our Co-Coordinator Alejandra Burgos; Acting Human Rights Prosecutor, Marcia Aguiluz, of CEJIL; and Alberto Brunori, representative of the UN High Commissioner, in a public forum on the Twentieth Anniversary of the […]

20 February 2018

#WHRDAlert EL SALVADOR / We demand compliance with protection measures granted to Tatiana and Meyra Alemán

Tatiana and Meyra Alemán Organization “The usual suspects” Activity The right to access to justice, The rights of youth Attack experienced Non compliance with protection measures THE FACTS – Tatiana and Meyra Alemán are, respectively, the sister and mother of Daniel Alemán, a youth who was arrested on January 10, 2017, and accused of “possession of […]

30 January 2018

#WHRDAlert EL SALVADOR / Excessive force used to repress mainly women demonstrators opposing privatization of basic public services

Participants protesting privatization of public services Activity Economic rights Attack experienced Repression of the right to protest. Excessive use of force. THE FACTS – On Wednesday morning, December 20th, the Unit for the Maintenance of Order (UMO) used excessive force to repress mainly women protesters peacefully gathered outside the Presidential Palace to demand that President Salvador Sánchez […]

22 December 2017


DOWNLOAD STATEMENT We demand that the State comply with its obligation to guarantee protection for women human rights defenders. We need the adoption of Comprehensive Feminist Protection strategies that offer optimal responses, adapted to the context and specific security needs of women defenders and their movements. Celedonia Zalazar, Metzli Sarabia, Miriam Rodríguez, Sherly Montoya, Miroslava […]

29 November 2017

#WHRDAlert EL SALVADOR / Protection Measures Urgently Needed for Tatiana and Meyra Alemán and Other Witnesses in Case against Daniel Alemán

Tatiana and Meyra Alemán Organization “The Usual Suspects” Activity Right to access to justice, Youth rights Attack experienced No protection measures granted THE FACTS – Tatiana and Meyra Alemán are, respectively, the sister and mother of young Daniel Alemán, arrested last January 10th on charges of “possession of drugs with intent to sell” by two agents […]

24 November 2017