#WHRDAlert HONDURAS / Criminalization of Miriam Miranda, OFRANEH General Coordinator

MIRIAM MIRANDA Organization Black Fraternal Organization of Honduras (OFRANEH) Activity Territorial defense Attack experienced Criminalization THE FACTS – At noon on Tuesday, September 5th, two agents from the offices of the Police Investigations Division (DPI) appeared at the OFRANEH offices in the Sambo Creek community with a citation for Miriam Miranda, the General Coordinator of the […]

7 September 2017

#WHRDAlert HONDURAS / Threats, criminalization and repression of defenders of the rights to health and territory

Kellyn Medina, Bertha Salgado, Cristina Ponce, Suyapa Ponce, María Isabel Vásquez, Nolvía Pineda, María de la Cruz Pérez, Bertha Salgado, Martina Sevilla, Eduviges Izaguirre, Mirna Pineda, Lavinia Izaguirre, Iris Salgado, Jensy Hernández, Belkis Ponce, Irene Soto, Darlín Guzmán y María Elvir and 4 young girls Organization Vecinos del Bulevar (Boulevard Neighbors) Activity Defense of the […]

31 August 2017

OPEN LETTER / Latent risk of state of siege in Guatemala following expulsion order issued by President Jimmy Morales against International Commissioner against Impunity in Guatemala (CICIG)

READ/DOWNLOAD OPEN LETTER  Mesoamerica August 28, 2017 – We, of the Mesoamerican Initiative of Women Human Rights Defenders (IM-Defensoras), made up of 837 women human rights defenders in El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico and Nicaragua, share our indignation over the serious attacks and violation of constitutional guarantees perpetrated by President Jimmy Morales against Iván Velásquez, […]

30 August 2017

#WHRDAlert HONDURAS / Police use violence to oust camp of UNAH students on hunger strike

UNAH students on hunger strike Organization University Student Movement (MEU) Activity Social, Cultural and Economic Rights (DESC) Attack experienced Repression of social protest, Excessive use of force THE FACTS – Early in the afternoon on Wednesday, August 17th, police officers violently cleared out the camp of a group of UNAH students who have been on hunger strike […]

18 August 2017

#WHRDAlert HONDURAS / More arbitrary arrests of WHRD of the right to water in Paujiles

Albertina López and Wendy Cerrtios Organization Wide Movement for Dignity and Justice (MADJ) Activity The right to water Attack experienced Arbitrary arrest THE FACTS – In the early morning hours of August 15th, police agents arrested Albertina Lopez, who is pregnant, and Wendy Cerrtios, both of whom are defenders in the community of Paujiles, municipality of Tela. […]

17 August 2017