#WHRDAlert NICARAGUA / Smear campaign, criminalization and harassment against Jessica Cisneros, Yerling Aguilera and Madeleine Caracas

Jessica Cisneros, Yerling Aguilera and Madeleine Caracas Activity Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (DESC) Attack experienced Smear campaign, criminalization and harassment THE FACTS – During the informational caravan through Europe to denounce crimes committed against the people of Nicaragua and the absence of autonomous institutions that guarantee justice and democracy, the activists Yerling Aguilera, Jessica Cisneros […]

4 June 2018

#WHRDAlert NICARAGUA / Smear Campaign and threats against members of Las Amapolas Theatre Collective

Las Amapolas Theatre Collective Activity Sexual and reproductive rights (DDSSRR) Attack experienced Smear camaign, disparagement and criminalization THE FACTS – The Las Amapolas Theatre Collective, made up of young feminists from the city of Estelí, sets an example of support for teenage women in issues related to sexual and reproductive education, egalitarian relations and cases […]

29 May 2018

#WHRDAlert HONDURAS / Criminalization and judicial harassment against Yenis Zulay Rodríguez Velásquez

YENIS ZULAY RODRIGUEZ VELASQUEZ Organization La Trinidad Campesino Group Activity Defense of the land, territory and natural assets Attack experienced Criminalization and judicial harassment THE FACTS – According to information provided by the National Network of Women Human Rights Defenders in Honduras, on Thursday, May 10th, defender Yenis Zulay Rodriguez and her companion Carlos Omar Espinoza […]

24 May 2018

#WHRDAlert NICARAGUA / Attacls against women human rights defenders in Bluefields, León, Estelí and Managua

Jennifer Brown, Mercedes Reyes, Dolly Mora, Martha Munguía and Suyén Margarita Sánchez Attacks experienced Threats, harassment, intimidation, criminalization, defamation. THE FACTS – A month after the initiation of the campaign of repression and violence waged by the State and paramilitary groups in response to the protests of the Nicaraguan people demanding the democratization of the country, […]

#WHRDAlert HONDURAS / Smear Campaign against journalist Lennys Fajardo

Lennys Fajardo Organization COQUIMBO and PEN International Activity The right to information Attack experienced Smear campaign THE FACTS – Lennys Fajardo, a journalist widely recognized for her activism in the Honduran popular movement and defender of the right to expression, is a founding member of the COQUIMBO Group and member of PEN International. Since the beginning […]