#WHRDAlert MEXICO / Attempt on the life of Guadalupe Michel Lima, daughter of defender Irinea Buendía

Guadalupe Michel Lima Buendía Activity The right to truth, justice and reparations Attack experienced Attempted murder THE FACTS – Last Monday, January 20, 2020, an unknown assailant made an attempt on the life of Guadalupe Michel Lima, the daughter of defender Irinea Buendía, firing at least six shots at the car in which she had […]

24 January 2020
Isabel Cabanillas Mexico

#WHRDAlert MEXICO / Artist and women human rights activist Isabel Cabanillas slain in Ciudad Juárez

Isabel Cabanillas Organization Daughters of Maquila Worker Mothers Activity: Art, activism and women’s rights Attack experienced MURDER THE FACTS – The activist and painter Isabel Cabanillas was killed in the early morning hours yesterday in Ciudad Juárez, in the state of Chihuahua, Mexico. She was a member of the Daughters of Maquila Worker Mothers collective, […]

21 January 2020

#WHRDAlert NICARAGUA / Police, paramilitary forces and State institutions threaten, harass and violate rights of released political prisoner Tania Muñoz

Tania Verónica Muñoz Pavón Organization Released political prisoner Activity Defense of the right to protest Attacks experienced Threats, harassment, criminalization THE FACTS – The released political prisoner Tania Muñoz has denounced the fact that for the last seven months, she has experienced harassment by police and paramilitary forces. This includes surveillance conducted outside her home and […]

#WHRDAlert HONDURAS / OFRANEH member Karla Ignacia Piota Martínez dies from wounds inflicted in an attempt on her life last December 28

Karla Ignacia Piota Martínez Organization Black Fraternal Organization of Honduras (OFRANEH) Activity: Territorial defense Attack experienced: MURDER THE FACTS – On Saturday, January 11, the Honduran defender Karla Ignacia Piota Martínez died from seven bullet wounds she received in an attempt on her life in the Garifuna community of Masca last December 28. Karla was […]

14 January 2020

#WHRDAlert NICARAGUA / Paramilitary forces besiege home of defender Reyna Rodríguez and make attempt on lives of son and nephew

Reyna Isabel Rodríguez Palacios Organization Autonomous Women’s Movement (MAM) Activity Women’s rights THE FACTS – On Sunday, January 5, in Ciudad Sandino, Managua, at approximately 7 o’clock at night, Álvaro Antonio Báez Rodríguez (33 years of age) and Andison Francisco Chávez Rodríguez (27), the son and nephew of defender Reyna Isabel Rodríguez Palacios, were intercepted by […]

10 January 2020