We congratulate the Center for Women’s Rights (CDM) of Honduras on its 25th anniversary

The Center for Women’s Rights (CDM) celebrates 25 years of feminism and working for the rights of Honduran women, establishing itself as one of the reference organizations at the national and regional levels. The CDM is also one of the organizations that are part of the driving groups of the National Network of Human Rights […]

28 June 2017

GOOD NEWS! / IACHR ACCEPTS CASE OF MANUELA, the Salvadoran woman imprisoned for having a miscarriage

Manuela got pregnant in 2008 and due to her frail health condition brought on by an undiagnosed lymphatic càncer, suffered a miscarriage in 2009. Instead of stopping the patient’s bleeding, the hospital doctors reported her to the authorities. She was arrested and handcuffed while still in bed, convalescing from the hemorrage. Having no access to […]

28 April 2017


This week the Honduras Congress is expected to finish discussion on articles related to the decriminalization of abortion on the following grounds: 1) rape or incest, 2) danger to the life of the mother, and 3) the inability of the fetus to survive outside the uterus. The formation SOMOS MUCHAS, to which the National Network […]

25 April 2017

SORORITY / #LawPassed #ElSalvadorFreeOfMetalMining

We celebrate the unanimous passage with 69 votes of the law against metal mining. The tireless struggle waged by human rights defenders for over 10 years has not been in vain. Now more than ever we can say that the cowardly bullets that took the lives of Dora Alicia Sorto, Marcelo and Ramiro Rivera could […]

3 April 2017

SISTERHOOD / #WHRDAlert COLOMBIA: At least six women defenders have been killed in the last four months

At least six women human rights defenders have been killed in Colombia since December 1st, 2016, the date when the implementation of the peace accords began. Emilsen Manyoma, Conpaz Network Nataly Salas, Student activist Yoryanis Isabel Bernal, Wiwa indigenous leader Yaneth Calvache, Agricultural Workers Association of Balboa, Cauca Luz Herminia Olarte, community leader Alicia López […]

7 March 2017