#WHRDAlert NICARAGUA / Arbitrary arrest and excessive use of force against university activist Amaya Coppens, of CUDJ

Amaya Eva Coppens Organization April 19th Movement – UNAN León and University Coalition for Democracy and Justice (CUDJ) Activity Political rights Attacks Arbitrary arrest, excessive use of force THE FACTS – Amaya Eva Coppens, a Belgian medical student and leader of student protests, was detained on Monday night, September 10th, along with Sergio Alberto Midence Delgadillo. […]

12 September 2018

#WHRDAlert NICARAGUA / Stones thrown against vehicle of defender Haydeé Castillo

Haydeé Castillo Organization The Leadership Institute of Las Segovias, Segovian Women’s Movement Activity Women’s rights; political, environmental and territorial rights Attacks Damage to vehicle, threats, harrassment, disparagement, stigmatization and criminalization THE FACTS – According to defender Haydeé Castillo, on Sunday, September 9th, individuals presumably related to para-police forces, threw stones that broke the windows of her […]

#WHRDAlert NICARAGUA / Threats, harrassment, smear campaigns, stigmatization and criminalization against Azahálea Solís, feminist attorney and human rights defender

Azahálea Isabel Solís Román Organization Autonomous Women’s Movement (MAM) and Women’s Network Against Violence (RMCV) Activity Defense of women’s rights and democracy Attacks Threats, harrassment, smear campaigns, stigmatization and criminalization. THE FACTS – Azahálea Solís is a feminist lawyer and human rights defender with a long, widely recognized history both nationally and internationally. As of the […]

11 September 2018

#WHRDAlert EL SALVADOR / Attempted break-in at Radio Güija

Radio Güija Activity Environmental defense, human rights of women, the right to information. Attacks Attempted break-in, threats. THE FACTS – In a public statement, Radio Güija reports that last August 16th, unknown persons tried to enter the radio station through the balconies, leaving no other evidence than a 30 centimeter hole. Radio Güija suggests that this […]

10 September 2018

#WHRDAlert EL SALVADOR / Physical violence, intimidation, psychological harrassment and threats against Andrea Ayala, of ESMULES

Andrea Ayala Organization Salvadoran Lesbian Women’s Space for Diversity (ESMULES) Activity Defense of LGBTI rights Attacks Physical violence, intimidation, psycholocial harrassment, threats. THE FACTS – Last August 29th, Andrea Ayala, women human rights defender and Executive Director of the Salvadoran Lesbian Women’s Space for Diversity (ESMULES), was physically attacked by a security agent employed by the […]