[WHRD Alert] NICARAGUA / National Police intensify harassment and further limit right to movement of women human rights defenders and families.

Kalua Salazar, Martha Lorena Alvarado, Danelia Arguello, Maria Ángeles Delgado, Karen Lacayo and  Juana Castellano. Activity Women human rights defenders For more than a week, the women human rights defenders Kalua Salazar, Martha Lorena Alvarado, Danelia Arguello, Maria Ángeles Delgado, Karen Lacayo and  Juana Castellano have experienced repeated, systematic police harassment and surveillance. According to […]

13 April 2021

[PRESS RELEASE] There is no gender equality without protection for women defenders.

According to Global Witness, around the world, an average of four people each week have been killed since 2015 for speaking out against companies appropriating territories and wreaking havoc on the environment. Additionally, the most recent report from Frontline Defenders found that 28% of human rights defenders killed in 2020 worked for women’s human rights.  […]

30 March 2021

[WHRD Alert] GUATEMALA / Communications consultant fired from government office for waging campaign against violence against women.

María Alejandra Morales Activity Women human rights defender THE FACTS – Recently, the Guatemalan government has unilaterally and arbitrarily terminated the employment contract of defender María Alejandra Morales in the National Civil Service Office, where she worked as a communications consultant.  Her dismissal took place after she promoted the I Am Afraid Campaign, aimed at […]

26 March 2021

[WHRD Alert] GUATEMALA / Violent home break-in, threats, and attacks against children of Elsa Siquín, mother of one of the 56 victims of Virgin of the Assumption Safe Home Massacre.

Elsa Siquín Montúfar Organization 8 Tijax Collective, Families Hurting for the 56 Organization THE FACTS – On March 21, 2021, two family members of Elsa Siquín violently broke into the defender’s residence, threatened her with death, and forcibly took her outside. After physically and verbally attacking her 14-year-old son, they left him locked inside the […]

24 March 2021

[WHRD Alert] GUATEMALA / Violent entry and robbery of computer equipment from Office of Indigenous Peoples in Guatemala

Photo: Nelton Rivera – Prensa Comunitaria Office of Indigenous Peoples in Guatemala Activity The rights of indigenous peoples THE FACTS – On the weekend of March 21-22, unknown assailants violently broke into the the law firm known as the Office of Indigenous Peoples, located in Guatemala City. After storming the access gates and breaking down […]

23 March 2021